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Monday, June 3 2024

  • ‘We want to be prepared’: ISU develops test for Japanese encephalitis virus

    Researchers at Iowa State University’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory have developed a diagnostic test for swine to detect Japanese encephalitis virus, a mosquito-borne disease common in southeast Asia. While the disease hasn’t been detected in the U.S., it spread to Australia two years ago.

  • Cardinal Space Mining co-wins Grand Prize at NASA’s ‘Lunabotics Challenge’

    Iowa State's Cardinal Space Mining Club left NASA's Lunabotics Challenge as a co-winner of the Grand Prize and the winner of the mining competition, successfully and stressfully defending last year's wins in the annual contest for mini mining robots.

  • Exercise benefits the brain but improving its blood vessels may take longer

    People with less consistent brain blood flow patterns may be at greater risk of dementia and cerebrovascular disease. To explore whether regular aerobic exercise can help, researchers at Iowa State University conducted a pilot study, the results of which were recently published.

  • Spring commencement celebrates students, introduces new tradition

    Of the thousands of students who will walk across the stage in Hilton Coliseum this spring, one will be sure to stand out in the crowd. As part of a new commencement tradition, graduating members of the Iowa State University Mascot Squad are encouraged to wear Cy’s feet as part of their commencement regalia. 

  • ISU researcher presents at White House AI event; team wins grant for AI ag tool

    A team led by Iowa State researchers is one of the first recipients of advanced computing support from the new National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Pilot. The team will use one million "node hours" on a supercomputer to develop large, vision-based artificial intelligence tools to identify agricultural pests.

  • Globetrotting ISU graduate adapts to life on campus to earn degree

    From Senegal to Kosovo to Ames, it seems like Khadija Mbacke has been everywhere and done it all. At the conclusion of this semester, Mbacke will be able to add college graduate to her long list of accomplishments and experiences. Resources she discovered at Iowa State helped her get here.

  • ISU graduate’s engineering expertise helps patients recover from brain injuries

    Cassie Swacker’s quest to help others through engineering began while she was in high school, when she saw how a prosthetic leg changed her father’s life. She’ll graduate at the end of this semester, and her engineering quest will continue as she begins a career developing innovative solutions in technology and manufacturing.