Iowa State University establishes a center for computational intelligence

AMES, Iowa -- A new Iowa State University center will study how massive data sets can be integrated, analyzed and interpreted to advance collaborative science and research.

The Center for Computational Intelligence, Learning, and Discovery was established July 1 by Iowa State President Gregory Geoffroy. The center is directed by Vasant Honavar, a professor of computer science. About 20 faculty members are affiliated with the center. It is expected to bring together computer scientists, statisticians and scientists to create algorithms and software for data-driven discovery and decision making.

Honavar said the center will help Iowa State attract faculty, graduate students and research. He said it will focus on research and interdisciplinary education and technology for graduates and undergraduates. He also said the center's goal is to make Iowa State a national and international leader in the field.

"The Center for Computational Intelligence, Learning, and Discovery builds on existing and emerging strengths in the core disciplines of computer science and statistics and the history of successful collaboration among multiple disciplines," Honavar said. "The center will help Iowa State to emerge as a leader in the revolution that is transforming the way we do science through the sophisticated application of the principles as well as the tools of computer and information sciences."

James Bloedel, Iowa State's vice provost for research and advanced studies, said he's excited about the center's potential.

"The interests represented by this center span life sciences as well as physical and engineering sciences," he said. "I feel confident that it will play a major role in the growth of our funding and scholarship in several areas."

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