Runners, eaters to make strides together during ISU fundraiser

AMES, Iowa - In a world often divided, a local athletic club has found a way to unite two unlikely groups - runners and donut eaters.

The Iowa State Triathlon Club is holding its sixth annual Donut Run at 9 a.m., Sunday, April 15, at Brookside Park at 1325 Sixth Street, in Ames. The event is a fund-raiser to help defray costs so the club can compete in the Collegiate National Championship Triathlon in Alabama.

Donut Run registration is $15 and runners can sign up on-line at or on the morning of the race.

The run brings together those devoted to the joys of running with those devoted to the joys of eating.

The Donut Run is a five kilometer race that rewards participants for both running fast and eating donuts. Each runner will be timed over the 5K course. Then, time is subtracted from that runner's finishing time depending on the number of donuts eaten. Also, for reaching donut-eating milestones, such as 10, 15, 20 or 25 donuts, additional time will be deducted from the runner's time.

In other words, runners who lack the speed to win, may have the stomach for victory.

Donuts are supplied at aid stations throughout the course.

"Some folks run for time without eating any donuts, while others walk and see how many Krispy Kremes they can eat," said Heather Newhouse, president of the Iowa State Triathlon Club. "It all depends on the person."

Newhouse, a senior biochemistry major from Appleton, Wis., says winners are recognized, but the aim is for the runners to enjoy themselves.

"We give awards for the top finishers, but it's really just a fun event," she said.

The club is hoping to get 300 runners/eaters to participate to help send 12 club members to the national meet.