Reward Terms as of March 2, 2010

(See related story: Family offers reward for information on missing student.)

Tom and Alesia Lacina offer a reward of up to $10,000.00 to the person or persons who supply new information leading to the location of their son, Jonathan (Jon) Lacina, an Iowa State University student who has been missing since January 22, 2010. This offer is effective upon release to the public by the Director of Public Safety at Iowa State University and remains effective until the offer is rescinded by the Lacina family in a writing delivered to the Director of Public Safety at Iowa State University or a reward or rewards are paid and Jon Lacina is located. If Jon Lacina is located without the assistance of information provided to the Director of Public Safety at Iowa State University the offer of a reward is, by that fact, rescinded.

Information for which a reward may be paid must be personally and exclusively available to the claimant. No reward will be paid for information available to the public, including but not limited to information available on the Internet.

The limitation on this offer is the sum of $10,000.00 to be paid if Jon Lacina is found alive or $2,500 if Jon Lacina is found not living. No more than $10,000.00 ($2,500 if found not living) will be paid as reward individually to a claimant or to all claimants in the aggregate unless the terms of this offer are amended by the Lacinas.

If, while this offer is open, there are multiple claimants for payment of a reward, the distribution of the reward money will be made by the Lacina Family to the claimants in amounts and in proportions to be determined in the sole discretion of the Lacina Family. These decisions will be made after consultation with the Director of Public Safety at Iowa State University.

No reward shall be paid to an employee of the Public Safety Department at Iowa State University, the Sheriff's Department of Story County, Iowa, the Ames Police Department or any other law-enforcement officer. No reward will be paid to anyone who caused the disappearance of Jon Lacina or caused any harm to him.

Anyone with information which they believe may be useful in the investigation should call ISU Police at (515) 294-4428 or the Ames Police Department at (515) 239-5133.