Ames, Iowa--The Vice President for Research and Economic Development at Iowa State University announced that the university's College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Human Sciences received full accreditation of their animal programs and facilities.

The organization granting the accreditation is the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International.

The AAALAC evaluates organizations that utilize animals in research, teaching or testing to ensure and promote animal well-being.

Iowa State's program underwent an extensive internal self-study of all aspects of animal care and use, including policies, animal housing and management, veterinary care and facilities. External evaluators then conducted an on-site assessment.

Mary Sauer, Iowa State's Attending Veterinarian and representative on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, coordinated the self-study and assessment process at Iowa State.

"This accreditation shows that ISU is committed to continuous improvement in our animal care and use program," she said. "AAALAC complimented us on the strong administrative support for our program as well as our active and engaged animal care and use program."

The process involved the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Lab Animal Resources, the Office for Responsible Research, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, and the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College Human Sciences, as well as Iowa State's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

"This was made possible by the work of a large team of ISU faculty and staff working together," said Sauer.

Ronald Morgan, director of Iowa State's Laboratory Animal Resources, prepared facilities for the AAALAC evaluation and responded to inquiries. He says this is a major accomplishment for Iowa State.

"The report was very complimentary on the upkeep of our facilities," said Morgan.

After an institution earns accreditation, it must be re-evaluated every three years in order to maintain its accredited status.

Lisa K. Nolan, the Dr. Stephen G. Juelsgaard Dean of the College Veterinary Medicine, congratulated the Iowa State faculty and staff whose efforts made the accreditation possible.

"AAALAC accreditation is an important step toward a better future for Iowa State," she said.