ISU experts can discuss mild winter's effect on prices, planting, moisture and more

AMES, Iowa - The Midwest's mildest winter in memory has producers and economists talking about the effects on our crops, planting, water tables and prices.

Iowa State University has experts who can discuss these topics and how -- or if -- they will affect yields, the economy, erosion and other topics.

Please contact these experts with questions for your news stories.

Planting, potential yields, soil conditions

Ken Moore Agronomy 515-294-5482

Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Moore's research focuses on the development and improvement of biomass crops and cropping systems. He is director of the USDA-funded project CenUSA: Sustainable Production and Distribution of Bioenergy for the Central USA.

Planting calendar, crop vigor, corn effects, environmental impacts

Roger Elmore Agronomy 515-294-6655

Elmore concentrates on development of practical management information for corn growers. He strives to maintain or increase profitability of farming by seeking and demonstrating environmentally sound production practices.

Water, erosion, lack of rain

Rick Cruse, Agronomy 515-294-7850

Director of the Iowa Water Center

Cruse's research program involves field and laboratory research in soil and crop management, applied soil physics and soil fertility. Objectives include evaluating the effect of tillage and cropping systems on soil physical properties, soil and water conservation, and crop growth and yield.


Chad Hart, Agricultural Economics 515-294-9911

Hart is a leader in agricultural economics, providing analysis of agricultural topics for news programs and periodicals around the world. He is currently serving as grain markets specialist for the university.

Input costs

Mike Duffy, Economics 515-294-6160

Directs ISU's annual Land Value Survey

Duffy researches farm management, production economics, natural resources economics, integrated pest management, sustainable agriculture and beginning farmers.

Soybean production

Andrew Lenssen, Agronomy 515-294-1360

Lenssen is a soybean systems agronomist with research, extension and teaching responsibilities. His research and extension programs focus on integrated soybean production systems relevant to Iowa.