Leath releases statement on travel policy review

President Steven Leath responds to the Iowa Board of Regents Oct. 20 review of travel policies and use of state equipment.

I am committed to adhering to all university and Board of Regents policies. I welcomed the Board of Regents initial review of travel policies and the use of state equipment.

As the Board’s review shows, my use of university aircraft and the university’s purchases of the King Air and Cirrus did not violate policy; however, there are clearly things I can improve with regard to my use of the planes and there are things we can do as a university to clarify our policies and improve record-keeping and billing practices.

To that end, I fully support the Board’s decision to expand their review and perform a comprehensive audit of all flights by all users of ISU Flight Service since I started at Iowa State in 2012.

 The Board’s review is linked on our FAQ website and we will continue to update the FAQ as necessary.

Steven Leath