ISU experts available to comment on 2018 midterm elections

The following is a list of Iowa State University experts available to comment on issues and candidates for the 2018 midterm elections.

Dave Andersen, assistant professor of political science
Expertise: Voter behavior, elections
Quote: “The electorate is pulled in two different directions. They’re not happy at all with their president in general, but they’re very happy with the state of the economy.”
Contact:, 515-294-6928

Brian Behnken, associate professor of history
Expertise: Immigration, race
Quote: “Stronger borders, stronger immigration laws, stiffer penalties -- these are things that have been talked about for a long time, but they seem to have taken on a new urgency or a new tenor.”
Contact:, 515-294-3594

Tessa Ditonto, assistant professor of political science
Expertise: Gender, women's issues
Quote: “There are specific policy issues that women cite as their reason for wanting to run for office…issues that they feel have not been properly addressed by people in office currently.”
Contact:, 515-294-4652

James McCormick, professor of political science
Expertise: Foreign policy, trade
Quote: “Usually foreign policy does not really play in midterm elections; they’re really usually focused on local issues and issues much closer to their constituency. This may be a different year.”
Contact:, 515-294-8682

Mack Shelley, University Professor and chair of political science
Expertise: Health care, policy 
Quote: “This is a raging philosophical debate about whether health care should be publicly funded in the first place.”
Contact:, 515-294-1075

Kelly Winfrey, Catt Center interim director
Expertise: Women voters, campaign messaging
Quote: “We’re seeing women candidates really trying to talk to women as women, and that’s one of the most noteworthy things I think about this election.”
Contact:, 515-294-3181