ISU experts available to discuss Iowa caucuses

The following is a list of Iowa State University experts available to comment on issues and candidates for the Iowa Democratic caucuses.

Karen Kedrowski, director of the Catt Center for Women and Politics
Expertise: Women and politics, caucus history, presidential elections and campaigns
Quote: “Iowa is one of the very few states where really all the political candidates will come and spend some time and Iowans do give folks a very close look.”
Contact:, 515-294-4185

James McCormick, professor of political science
Expertise: Trade, foreign policy
Quote: “Iowa farmers have really suffered with the imposition of these kinds of tariffs and the decline in soybean sales and pork sales to China.”
Contact:, 515-294-8682

Dave Peterson, professor and Whitaker Lindgren faculty fellow of political science
Expertise: Polling, voter behavior and campaign strategy
Quote: “There hasn't been a breakthrough candidate reach anywhere near the top four and those top four have stayed the top four, none of them have fallen dramatically.”
Contact:, 515-294-9306

Mack Shelley, University Professor and chair of political science
Expertise: Education policy, public policy, gerantology
Quote: “Depending on whose plan you look at, it could be pretty expensive. We could be talking trillions of dollars if we're talking about forgiving all student debt”
Contact:, 515-294-1075

Dave Swenson, associate scientist of economics
Expertise: Economy, labor and workforce, demographics
Quote: “Iowa's economy is basically over the course of this decade, it was the sixth worst growing economy in the United States.”
Contact:, 515-294-7458

Kelly Winfrey, assistant professor of journalism
Expertise: Gender and politics, campaign media coverage, campaign strategies
Quote: “That kind of double standard we see still exists both in how the candidates are campaigning and how the media covers them.”
Contact:, 515-294-8344