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AMES, Iowa -- The Engineering Teaching and Research Complex is the largest building project ever for Iowa State University. Here are some facts about the ETRC.

The Engineering Teaching and Research Complex will be located on the west side of campus. It will be west of Marston Hall and bounded by Black Engineering and Beyer Hall to the south, the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory to the north, and parking lots to the west.

Building configuration
  • Total Size: 264,000 gross square feet; 158,000 net square feet
  • Net/Gross: 60 percent
  • Will be built in two phases.

Costs and funding

  • Total cost: $61 million
  • Funding sources: $33 million from the state of Iowa and $28 million from non-state sources.


  • Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS)
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Engineering Computer Support Services
  • Engineering Distance Education
  • Iowa Space Grant Consortium
  • Virtual Reality Applications Center
  • Multidisciplinary classrooms, laboratories, offices and conference facilities


  • High-tech teaching classrooms with multimedia and distance learning capabilities
  • Instructional labs for composite materials, acoustics, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, nondestructive evaluation, structures, strength of materials, stress analysis, mechanical vibrations and controls
  • Labs for emerging technology research and interdisciplinary research
  • C6 synthetic environment facility
  • Aerodynamic and environmental wind tunnels for teaching and research
  • Space systems laboratory
  • Cable, satellite, video communications, and fiber optics network links for expanded outreach to K-12, community colleges, engineers, and industry

Phase I: Stanley and Helen Howe Hall

  • Size: 163,000 gross square feet; 98,000 net square feet
  • Cost: $34 million
  • Construction began in June 1997 and completion is expected by November 1999.
  • Features: 275-seat auditorium; four high-tech classrooms; two high-tech lecture halls; teaching and research labs for mechanical vibrations, acoustics, stress analysis, composite materials, aerospace structures, strength of materials, and fluid mechanics; space systems laboratory; four interdisciplinary design laboratories; computer workstation laboratories; C6 synthetic environment facility and supporting laboratories; environmental and aerodynamic wind tunnels; conference facilities; museum/technology transfer lounge; faculty, staff and graduate student offices.

Phase II: Gary and Donna Hoover Hall (proposed)

  • Size: 101,000 gross square feet; 60,000 net square feet
  • Cost: $27 million
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2000 and completion is expected in fall of 2001.
  • Features: 400-seat auditorium; multidisciplinary design and fabrication laboratory; computer workstation laboratories; multidisciplinary teaching and research laboratories; general university classrooms; faculty, staff and graduate student offices.

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