Graduating senior Quinton Orr found a passion for research while excelling on the track

Quinton Orr knew he wanted to run in college. The standout track and cross country athlete was interested in pursuing his athletic goals while working on his education. But in the classroom, Orr was less sure of what he wanted to do. He always like science and animals, so he decided to look at biology. But it wasn't until he took a class on bee biology where he really found his passion academically. That class led to an internship where he spent the summer travelling to prairies around the state looking for an endangered bumblebee. He was able to do lots of research, even as an undergraduate. And he found that he loved it! Orr now plans to continue his research on bees when he starts his graduate program in the fall. And he continues to pursue his athletic dreams as well, as he'll use his remaining year of eligibility to continue his impressive track and cross country career.