Graduating senior Marissa Ouverson is a world champion griller

Growing up, Marissa Ouverson would join her dad and older brother as they travelled to barbeque competitions. She always enjoyed it, and decided that if she ever had the time, she would try her hand at the steak grilling competition. Marissa never thought she'd have the time while earning her degree in psychology, though. But when the COVID pandemic sent ISU students online, she decided to take full advantage. So her and her mom loaded up her small pickup and hit the road, competing in 54 competitions in less than a year. Marissa had instant, and consistent success, which led her to the 2020 World Championships in Texas. There, she became the youngest ever world champion, and the first female to win. Her victory led to sponsorships, prize money, and even her own online cooking class. And while she wants to continue cooking and competing, she knows she'll never be able to recreate the perfect storm of traveling the country with her family.