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Thursday, November 20 2014


Iowa State University researchers hope to make bioplastic adhesives stick in the marketplace

Researchers at Iowa State University are working to prove that adhesives made from a byproduct of biodiesel production can offer consumers a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to the acrylic adhesives currently on the market.

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Iowa State partnership to improve awareness and access to dementia services

Dementia is a difficult and complex diagnosis. As a result, families struggle with how to care for and help a loved one maintain their independence as the disease progresses. To ensure Iowans get the help they need, Iowa State University is partnering with the Iowa Department on Aging (IDA), and the Iowa Alzheimer’s Association to improve access to dementia-capable services.


Iowa State University agronomist warns against post-harvest tillage

An Iowa State University agronomist is urging Iowa farmers to reconsider tilling their fields after harvest as part of a long-term approach to preserving soil health. Many of the perceived benefits of conventional tillage never materialize or aren’t worth the increased cost and effort, he said.

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New Iowa State mobile classroom brings advanced technology learning to K-12 schools

Although Iowa’s K-12 population is tech savvy, they still have more to learn before maneuvering through advanced technology to solve problems in design and manufacturing, says an Iowa State University industrial design professor. A new ISU mobile classroom is helping prepare them for the future. 

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ISU’s graduate planning program ranks fourth nationally in its category

Iowa State University’s graduate program in community and regional planning earned high marks in the latest survey by Planetizen, the leading online network for the urban planning, design and development community. For 2015, Iowa State is ranked fourth in the nation among programs that do not grant a doctoral degree in planning. This is up from 13th place in 2012.


Iowa State University graduate student searches for plant extracts to treat devastating river blindness in Cameroon

An Iowa State University graduate student is on a quest to identify plant extracts to combat a devastating parasitic disease in Cameroon and other African countries. The answers may lie in a pair of plants Cameroon residents use to make herbal remedies to treat the disease.