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Saturday, April 25 2015

Study participant answering questions in Neuroscience Research Lab

Iowa State researchers test brain activity to identify cybersecurity threats

Iowa State University researchers are working to better understand internal threats to cybersecurity by getting inside the minds of employees who put their company at risk. To do that, they measured brain activity to identify what might motivate an employee to violate company policy and sell or trade sensitive information. The study found that self-control is a significant factor.


ADVISORY: Iowa State University sources available to comment on spring planting

As spring planting begins, Iowa State University agricultural experts are available to comment on the trends and stories that will shape the upcoming growing season.

Cover of the April 7 edition of Cell Reports

Iowa State, Ames Lab scientists describe protein pumps that allow bacteria to resist drugs

Research teams led by Edward Yu of Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory have described the structure of two closely related protein pumps that allow bacteria to resist certain medications. The findings have just been published by Nature Communications and as the April 7 cover paper in Cell Reports.

Chimp using tool to hunt for prey

Iowa State anthropologist finds female chimps more likely to use tools when hunting

Iowa State University anthropology professor Jill Pruetz and her research team were the first to observe savanna chimps using tools to hunt prey. Since making that discovery, Pruetz's team has observed more than 300 tool-assisted hunts and found female chimps hunt with tools more than males. 

Folk art coffin

ISU engineering students will auction Ghanaian folk art coffin to fund village dam

Iowa State engineering students hope that auctioning a rare work of folk art can help fund construction of an earthen dam for an African village. It's a painted coffin in the form of an ear of corn sculpted by Ghana's leading fantasy coffin artist, Eric Adjetey Anang, who was artist-in-residence in the art and visual culture department. The fantasy coffin will be auctioned by the ISU student chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-ISU) through eBay's "Giving Fund," an easily accessible auction site for nonprofit fundraising, April 20-30. All proceeds will help fund the EWB-ISU's project to engineer an earthen dam in Ullo, Ghana.