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Veterinary research on lambs leads to advances in treatments for respiratory disease in human infants

Veterinary research involving lambs at Iowa State University is helping to advance new treatments to a common virus in humans that sometimes poses a serious threat to newborns. Respiratory syncytial virus infects the vast majority of humans, and it usually results in nothing more serious than cold symptoms in healthy adults. But in infants, especially those born prematurely, the virus can lead to pneumonia and serious health complications.

Matt DeLisi

No silver bullet: ISU study identifies risk factors of youth charged with murder

News of a school shooting or a homicide involving a teenage suspect always leads to the question of why? It is human nature to want an explanation or someone to blame, and policymakers try to pinpoint a cause in an effort to prevent it from happening again. But too often, the speculation or rush to judgment clouds reality, said Matt DeLisi, a professor of sociology at Iowa State University.

Clark book cover

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark will speak at Iowa State University Oct. 29

Retired four-star Gen. Wesley Clark will speak at Iowa State University about how Americans can move forward together on non-military global challenges, such as cyber security and accelerating climate change. "Don't Wait for the Next War" will be at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 29, in the Memorial Union Great Hall. Clark's lecture is the keynote for the World Affairs Series at Iowa State. It is free and open to the public.

Mock campaign class #1

Mock campaign gives Iowa State students new perspective on political process

Voters only get a glimpse of the operation behind a political campaign, even with all the negative ads and 24-7 news coverage. And a textbook or class lecture cannot replicate the pressure of giving a stump speech to voters, answering questions from reporters, or responding to a crisis. To expose students to that environment, Kelly Winfrey turned her campaign rhetoric class into a mock U.S. Senate campaign.


Center for Biorenewable Chemicals helps Iowa State researchers launch startup companies

The Biobased Foundry established by the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals based at Iowa State has helped nine startup companies. The foundry combines teaching and mentoring to help graduate students and postdoctoral researchers create technologies and businesses that meet the needs of customers.

Planet Money logo

Iowa State University will host Planet Money team for Oct. 23 talk

Two correspondents from NPR's "Planet Money" team will deliver an informative and entertaining live stage show next week at ISU. Jacob Goldstein and David Kestenbaum will present "Planet Money Live!" at 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23, in the Memorial Union Great Hall. Their talk is part of the Greater Iowa Credit Union Business Lecture Series. It is free and open to the public.

Change Agent: Hongwei Xin

For the director of ISU's Egg Industry Center, science and agriculture have no borders.

Stacy Tye-Williams research on workplace bullying

Bullies in the workplace: ISU researcher examines the struggles for victims to tell their story

The stories are shocking and heartbreaking, but they are often disjointed and hard to follow. In severe cases, the narratives are even more chaotic. This is reality for victims of workplace bullying and a major reason why they stay silent, said Stacy Tye-Williams, an assistant professor of communications studies and English at Iowa State University.

Josh and Kevin

Turf management students will tend Wembley field for NFL International series

Sometimes, when what-you-know intersects with who-you-know, something extraordinary can occur. At least that's how it happened for two Iowa State University graduate students who study sports turf management in the horticulture department. They're getting paid to help prep the field at Wembley Stadium for two NFL games.

Cyd Zeigler

LGBT sports expert Cyd Zeigler will speak at ISU Oct. 16

Cyd Zeigler, a leading expert on LGBT sports issues, will present "The LGBT Athletes and Moments That Changed the Sports World Forever" at 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16, in the Memorial Union Sun Room. Zeigler is the co-founder of and co-author of "The Outsports Revolution: Truth and Myth in the World of Gay Sports." His talk is free and open to the public

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