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Saturday, February 17

Kevin Kimle testifying before congressional panel

ISU ag entrepreneurship expert testifies in congressional hearing about strengthening Iowa’s agricultural tech climate

An ISU agricultural entrepreneurship expert testified before a congressional subcommittee on Thursday about how to strengthen Iowa’s ag-tech startup ecosystem. Kevin Kimle said expanded and more varied funding as well as earlier exposure to entrepreneurship in schools can play key roles in improving rural America.

Examples of a new smart material: a flexible strip, a strip that has stiffened with mechanical stress and a strip holding up a weight.

Engineers develop smart material that changes stiffness when twisted or bent

Iowa State's Martin Thuo and Michael Bartlett led development of a rubbery material that transforms itself into a hard composite when bent, twisted or squeezed. The new material could be used in medicine to support delicate tissues or in industry to protect valuable sensors.

Jennifer Newman and research team working on steganalysis database

Database will help build foundation for steganalysis of forensic evidence

There is no good way for forensic investigators to detect if a digital photo or file contains a hidden message in a criminal case. Developing a tool to assist in these cases is why an Iowa State University research team is taking thousands of photos to build a steganalysis database.

Ben Dralle and Cole Wesselman

Iowa State students find plenty of opportunities on path to medical school

Iowa State has a strong support system for pre-med and pre-health students, even without a college of human medicine or pre-health committee. Advisers and students say the opportunities in coursework, activities, research and study abroad inspire students to continue on a path to medicine.

Nick Mullins

Former coal miner will examine environmentalism, community reactions in Iowa State lecture

Nick Mullins was the fifth generation in his family to work the Appalachia coal mines. This month, he’s bringing that insight and his research of Appalachian issues, environmentalism and the coal industry to Iowa State University.

Stephen Biggs head shot

Helping police, public understand how perception shapes race bias

Stephen Biggs noticed something missing from the conversations on campus about race and the Black Lives Matter movement. No one was talking about the influence of implicit bias, so the Iowa State University associate professor of philosophy decided to speak up.

Wenyu Huang in his Hach Hall chemistry lab

Chemists follow molecules down ‘nanowells,’ track catalytic reactions in nanoconfinement

Chemists affiliated with Iowa State University, the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory and Georgia State University have measured the effects of nanoconfinement on catalytic reactions by developing experimental techniques capable of tracking single molecules. Understanding such reactions could help chemists design high-performance catalysts.

Lee Schulz

Study: Iowa State’s Veterinary Diagnostic Lab provides 8-to-1 return on investment; nearly four times more in emergency years

A study by Iowa State University researchers found the ISU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory delivers a robust return on investment for taxpayers and a sense of stability for Iowa’s animal agriculture industry. The study was originally commissioned by the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine and published in the peer-reviewed journal Preventive Veterinary Medicine.

Black History Month 2018

Celebrate Black History Month at Iowa State

Iowa State University is celebrating Black History Month with a variety of events throughout February.