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Thursday, December 13

Walter Suza in his office in Agronomy Hall at Iowa State University

Anti-GMO sentiment has repercussions for developing world

Anti-GMO sentiment may be holding back the progress of farmers in some African countries, but an Iowa State University agronomist hopes a new study upholding the safety of Bt corn may help policymakers in Africa implement the technology to fight an emergent pest. The review included a risk assessment that found delaying the adoption of genetically modified crops such as Bt corn in the developing world presents risks to both humans and the environment.

Alejandro Martinez

First-generation student finds ‘home’ at Iowa State, future in kinesiology

Soccer is a huge part of Alejandro Martinez’s culture and his family, and it was his own soccer injuries at South Tama County High School — as well as words of wisdom from the athletic trainer who helped him recover — that led him to Iowa State University’s kinesiology and health program.

Olivia De Kok

Graduating senior finds passion at intersection of art, science

When Olivia De Kok left her hometown of Sheldon for Iowa State University, she didn’t know what she wanted to do. She enjoyed her biology classes, but something was missing. That’s when she found biological and pre-medical illustration.

Costas Soukoulis head shot

Costas Soukoulis elected to National Academy of Inventors

The National Academy of Inventors has named Costas Soukoulis of Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory one of its fellows. He joins five other inventors affiliated with the university or the laboratory who have been named academy fellows.

Delivery truck parked on street

Delivery demand driving pressure on urban freight capacity

More people are living and working in downtown or urban neighborhoods, which is increasing demand for urban deliveries. An Iowa State University researcher says we can expect more congestion and pollution as a result. That is why Johanna Amaya Leal and a team of researchers are looking for solutions. 

Corn rows in a farm field leading into a timber

Yield tests prepare for 100th year of helping farmers decide what seeds to plant

With the publication of this year’s Iowa Crop Performance Tests results this month, the program is preparing to launch its 100th year in 2019. The Iowa Crop Performance Tests take place on ISU research farms and cooperating private farms across the state. They gauge the performance of roughly 200 varieties of corn and soybeans to help farmers make informed decisions on what seeds to plant.


Sketchnoting pushes students to learn, retain information differently – particularly in STEM

Over the last three years, sketchnoting has been introduced to about 1,000 students, faculty and staff across a wide range of disciplines at Iowa State University. This fall, an interdisciplinary research team is studying how this alternative to traditional note-taking affects learning.