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Thursday, April 26

Hands typing on a laptop

Disguising access patterns to protect sensitive data in the cloud

A team of computer scientists is working to defend against the next potential cyber risk – cloud storage. Wensheng Zhang, an associate professor of computer science at Iowa State University, says cloud users can encrypt sensitive data and information, but how they access the data may make it vulnerable. 

Allison Sheridan, Margaret Curry

Iowa State creating biographical dictionary featuring hundreds of influential Cyclones

University Museums is nearing the end of a massive effort to collect biographies of the Cyclones who have left a mark on the world. Iowa State University is only the third university in the world to create its own biographical dictionary.

Iowa Arboretum design-build

Design students create prairie-inspired project for Iowa Arboretum in Madrid

Iowa State University design students planned and built an educational and artistic installation for the Iowa Arboretum in Madrid, partnering with engineering students to learn about concrete and formwork. In the end, they created “Bluestem,” a field of 200 painted wooden poles that resemble the bluestem tallgrasses and prairie that once dominated Iowa’s landscape.

A single corn plant emerges form soil

April’s cold and snow shouldn’t worry farmers – yet

Despite cold and snowy conditions this spring, there’s still enough time for most Iowa farmers to plant corn and soybeans without having to worry about reduced yields due to a shortened growing season, according to an ISU agronomist. But any further delays to planting could mean some farmers will be cutting it close.

File photo of previous CYstarters startup

CYstarters accelerator supports students’ big ideas

With ideas ranging from boomboxes to aerial videography, a cohort of Iowa State students will spend 10 weeks this summer working to develop and grow their businesses. The students were selected for the CYstarters program, which provides support and financing for entrepreneurs. 

Darlene Fratzke honors seminar

Diving into the history of planned communities in Iowa State honors seminar

This spring, Iowa State University students examined planned and ideal communities in “A Good Place,” an honors seminar that took students on a journey through former and existing planned communities in the U.S. and utopian and egalitarian ideals, including studies of the Amana Colonies in Iowa and an assignment to create their own hypothetical planned community.

Reiman architecture design-build

Iowa State architecture students create massive, twisting structure for Reiman Gardens exhibition

This spring, 77 students in Iowa State University’s second-year architecture studios designed, built and installed a 1,300-square-foot structure at Reiman Gardens for its “Forces of Nature” kinetic art exhibition, on display April 28 through Nov. 3.