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Sunday, July 14

  • Receptors make dairy cows a prime target for influenza, ISU team finds

    A new study by a broad team of researchers at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine helps explain why dairy cows infected by highly pathogenic avian influenza are shedding the virus in their milk. Their findings could help develop biosecurity measures aimed at slowing the spread of the illness.

  • Engineers developing atom-thick material for efficient, ultrafast, light-based electronics

    Matthew Panthani and his research group are developing new materials that allow semiconductors to emit light. The resulting integrated photonic circuits could make computers, phones and other electronics faster and more energy efficient. The National Science Foundation is supporting the work with a $552,000 grant.


  • Iowa State and OPN Architects team up for 3D-printed installation at Rudd Public Library

    An innovative collaboration merges Iowa State University’s research and 3D-printing facilities with a private design firm’s digital tools and vision to create an outdoor seating space to be installed this summer at the new Rudd Public Library. The old Rudd library was destroyed by a tornado in December 2021. The pieces designed for the library are as much an art installation as public seating, featuring seven separate concrete pieces that will allow patrons to sit or recline, similar to benches.

  • ISU graduate is named Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholar

    Victoria Kyveryga, who just completed a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and chemistry at Iowa State at the conclusion of the spring 2024 semester, will begin a Ph.D. program at Stanford later this year as part of the prestigious Knight-Hennessy program. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program aims to develop an interdisciplinary community of future global leaders to address the world's complex challenges through collaboration and innovation.