Successful Veishea 2006

We have just concluded a highly successful Veishea, perhaps one of the best in the 84-year history of the event. The theme was, "Celebrate Iowa State," and that is what tens of thousands of students, family, friends, alumni and visitors did throughout the past week.

I congratulate the Veishea co-chairs, Jessica Lecy and Eric Peterson, for their extraordinary leadership, enthusiasm and commitment to Veishea and to Iowa State. The Veishea organization this year was much broader, and involved more students and student organizations than past celebrations. And, thanks to faculty and staff -- particularly Student Affairs staff -- who worked countless hours to help make Veishea 2006 a safe, successful and memorable event.

I also want to extend special thanks to Ames Mayor Ann Campbell, to members of the city council and administration, the Ames and Iowa State police departments and many residents of Ames who provided valuable support and encouragement for Veishea.

We've had a very successful month, including the many activities we call, "This is Your April." The students of Iowa State have consistently demonstrated their talents and abilities in organizing these events. They can be very proud of their accomplishments.

We look forward to Veishea 2007, which will serve as the kickoff for Iowa State's sesquicentennial celebration!