Iowa State announces 2006-2007 Distinguished and University Professorships

AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University has awarded six faculty members the titles of Distinguished Professor or University Professor. They will be honored at the university's fall convocation on Sept. 11.

They are:

Paul Canfield, Distinguished Professor in Liberal Arts and Sciences

As a professor of physics and senior physicist at the Ames Laboratory, Canfield has established a reputation internationally for his research on the synthesis, growth and characterization of new materials. His enthusiastic teaching and mentoring have had an impact on the lives and careers of many undergraduate and graduate students.

Robert Horton, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture

The professor of soil physics is the world's foremost scientist on the topic of coupled heat and mass transfer in soil. Horton has developed a renowned soil physics research and teaching program at ISU, earning international recognition and garnering him the 2002 Don and Betty Kirkham Award, given to the world's top soil physicist.

Vitalij Pecharsky, Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in Engineering

Pecharsky, a professor of materials science and engineering and senior scientist at the Ames Laboratory, has earned international respect for his research on magnetocaloric materials, magnetic refrigeration, crystallography and hydrogen storage. His co-discovery (with Karl Gschneider) of the giant magnetocaloric effect has the potential, through various applications, to improve energy efficiency and environmental quality.

Steve Martin, University Professor

A professor of materials science and engineering, Martin has improved student recruitment and retention with his efforts to include undergraduate and even high school students in research groups. His collaborations with other Midwest colleges has helped recruit more graduate students in materials science to Iowa State. He is considered one of the most creative glass scientists in the world.

Mack Shelley, University Professor

Shelley is a professor in both statistics and educational leadership and policy studies, while also serving as the director of the Research Institute for Studies in Education. He has mentored students in both departments, serving on more than 650 master's and doctoral students' committees while teaching graduate and undergraduate courses. Shelley is a nationally recognized scholar, evidenced by his numerous publications and grants.

Lester Wilson, University Professor

A top expert in food processing, particularly soy foods, Wilson serves as a professor in food science and human nutrition and is affiliated with the Center for Crops Utilization Research. He also has established a reputation as a top adviser and unselfish mentor to students and young colleagues at Iowa State.

The title of Distinguished Professor, first awarded in 1956, recognizes faculty members for exemplary performance in at least two of the following areas:

  • Teaching and advising
  • Research, scholarship or artistic creativity
  • Extension, university service or professional practice

The recipient receives a $3,000 addition in base salary.

The title of University Professor recognizes faculty members who have had a significant impact on their departments and the university in the course of their careers at Iowa State. The recipient receives a base salary addition of $2,500.