Iowa State University welcomes largest freshman and transfer class since 2002

AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University has enrolled its largest freshman and transfer class since 2002. Of the 5,726 new undergraduates at Iowa State this fall, there are:

  • 3,983 freshmen, an increase of 5.7 percent (214 students) from fall 2005;
  • 1,461 transfer students, an increase of 5.3 percent (73 students) from fall 2005; and
  • 282 special students (non-degree undergraduates), an increase of 5.6 percent (15 students) from fall 2005.

The number of U.S. minority (not international) freshmen enrolled has increased 12 percent since fall 2005. ISU has 401 minority freshmen, up from 358 last fall. This fall's freshman class is the second-most diverse on record. The highest number of minority freshmen enrolled at Iowa State was in 2001, with 411 minority students.

Total U.S. minority enrollment is 2,154 students, or 8.5 percent of the ISU student body. That's up from 2,123 in fall 2005, and for the first time meets the goal of at least 8.5 percent set by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

"We're extremely pleased with the size and diversity of this entering class," said Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffroy. "Their decision to attend Iowa State is a testament to our commitment to provide students a challenging, but supportive academic and living environment."

Overall student enrollment at Iowa State University is 25,462, about 100 more students than officials had projected for fall 2006, but a decrease of approximately 1 percent (279 students) compared to fall 2005.

The total Iowa State University student body of 25,462 represents:

  • 17,961 Iowa residents, a decrease of 329 students from fall 2005
  • 5,388 nonresidents, an increase of 45 students from fall 2005
  • 2,113 international students, an increase of five students from fall 2005
  • 20,440 undergraduates, a decrease of 292 students from fall 2005
  • 4,583 graduate students, an increase of five students from fall 2005
  • 439 professional (veterinary medicine) students, an increase of eight students from fall 2005
  • Students from all 50 states and 103 countries.

"Alumni, faculty, staff, students and the Ames community all get credit for helping to bring in the largest class in four years," said Marc Harding, ISU's director of admissions and enrollment services. "It's been a challenging, competitive year with very positive results. President Geoffroy has energized the university community to assist with recruitment efforts, and they have responded. It truly takes everyone working together to build relationships with students and create the experience they expect here at Iowa State."

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