MEDIA ADVISORY: Iowa State University faculty experts can discuss flood-related topics

AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University faculty and staff members are available to share their insight and expertise on numerous flood-related topics as the devastating Midwest flooding continues this week along the Mississippi River.

Causes of flooding, urbanization, new technologies in flood management, groundwater effects of flooding

William Simpkins, professor of hydrogeology, Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, (515) 294-7814;

Climate outlook (long-term) -- weather and climate data and analysis for decision-makers in the public and private sectors

Gene Takle, professor of atmospheric science and agricultural meteorology, (515) 294-9871;

Climate outlook (long-term) -- atmospheric dynamics

Bill Gutowski, professor, synoptic meteorology and global climate change, (515) 294-5632;

Crop conditions -- Iowa corn and soybeans

Roger Elmore, professor of agronomy and ISU Extension corn specialist, (515) 294-6655,

Palle Pedersen, assistant professor of agronomy and ISU Extension soybean specialist, (515) 294-9905,

Development, land use planning, urban storm water management, watershed management, flood management strategies

Doug Johnston, professor and chair of landscape architecture and community and regional planning, (515) 294-5676;

Stephen Jones, Extension civil engineer specializing in flood control planning and other urban stormwater management issues. (515) 294-3957;

Mimi Wagner, associate professor of landscape architecture, (515) 294-8954;

Economic impact of flooding on communities and regions, retail trade, community education, technical assistance

Liesl Eathington, assistant scientist in economics and director, Regional Capacity Analysis Program, (515) 294-2954;

Meghan O'Brien, ISU Extension program specialist, Regional Capacity Analysis Program, (515) 294-4095;

Dave Swenson, associate scientist in economics, Regional Capacity Analysis Program, (515) 294-7458;

Economic impact of flooding on communities and regions in comparison to the 1993 Iowa floods

Dan Otto, professor of economics, (515) 294-6147, (515) 231-7239 (c),

Environmental impact of flooding, long-term effects on soil and water quality, impact on crops, soil management, erosion

Madhi Al-Kaisi, associate professor of agronomy and ISU Extension specialist in soil management/environment, (515) 294-8304;

Alok Bhandari, associate professor of environmental engineering, (515) 294-4249;

Rick Cruse, professor of agronomy and director of the Iowa Water Center at Iowa State, (515) 294-7850,

Jerry Hatfield, professor of agronomy and director of the USDA's National Soil Tilth Laboratory, (515) 294-5723;

Grain and energy markets; flood impact on grain, food and fuel prices

Chad Hart, scientist and agricultural economist, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, (515) 294-9911;

Impacts of flooding on bridges, bridge safety, bridge inspections

Terry Wipf, director of the Bridge Engineering Center and professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering, (515) 294-9501,


Lyric Bartholomay, assistant professor and director of ISU's Medical Entomology Laboratory, Iowa's statewide mosquito surveillance program, (515) 294-0594;

Rural sociology; flood affects on rural communities

Paul Lasley, professor and chair of sociology, (515) 294-0937,

Soil moisture

Brian Hornbuckle, assistant professor of agronomy, (515) 294-9868,

Veterinary care

Claudia Baldwin, associate professor, veterinary clinical sciences, (515) 294-4900,

Christine Petersen, assistant professor, veterinary pathology, (515) 294-9013,

Weather forecasting

Bill Gallus, professor and program director, synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, numerical weather prediction, (515) 294-2270;

Well-water testing and clean up following flood

Tom Glanville, professor, agricultural and biosystems engineering, (515) 294-0463;