Iowa State University fall enrollment is 26,856; fourth-highest on record

AMES, Iowa -- Student enrollment at Iowa State University is 26,856, an increase of nearly 2.7 percent (or 696 more students) compared to fall 2007.

Iowa State gained 603 undergraduate students, 39 professional (veterinary medicine) students, and 54 graduate students. This fall's class marks the fourth-highest total enrollment on record at Iowa State. The largest class enrolled at Iowa State occurred in 2002, with a total student body of 27,898.

This year's enrollment exceeds earlier university projections to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, by 556 students.

"We are extremely pleased with students' response to the outstanding educational opportunities offered by Iowa State University," said ISU President Gregory Geoffroy. "This is the fourth consecutive year with an increase in the number of new students attending Iowa State, and the second consecutive overall enrollment increase. These are very significant achievements, given the demographics of Iowa and the Midwest. We are also very pleased with the continuing strong number of transfer students coming to Iowa State, which shows that our Admissions Partnership Program with Iowa's community colleges is meeting the needs of Iowa students."

This fall, Iowa State attracted its largest transfer class in six years: 1,537 students, up from 1,527 in fall 2007. ISU also attracted its second-largest freshman class in history: 4,546 students. That's 199 more freshmen than in fall 2007. The largest freshman class was in 2001, with 4,654 students.

"I want to congratulate and thank every member of the Iowa State University family for their efforts to help recruit one of the largest and most diverse student classes on record," said Marc Harding, director of enrollment services. "The fall 2008 class includes a record number of nonresident freshmen, international freshmen, and undergraduate American ethnic minority students."

Iowa State has exceeded the 8.5 percent minority enrollment goal set by the Board of Regents. Iowa State's total U.S. minority enrollment for fall 2008 is 2,317 students (8.63 percent), up 97 students from fall 2007.

At a glance

The total Iowa State University student body of 26,856 represents:

  • 18,148 Iowa residents, a decrease of 66 students from fall 2007
  • 8,708 nonresidents, an increase of 762 students from fall 2007
  • 2,497 international students, an increase of 253 students from fall 2007
  • 21,607 undergraduates, an increase of 603 from fall 2007
  • 4,718 graduate students, an increase of 54 from fall 2007
  • 531 professional (veterinary medicine) students, an increase of 39 from fall 2007

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