Ag engineering, statistics, chemistry and higher ed grad programs rank high

AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University graduate programs in agriculture, statistics, chemistry and engineering scored high in the latest rankings of "America's Best Graduate Schools" published online today by U.S. News & World Report magazine.

Iowa State's top programs in the annual rankings are:

  • Biological/Agricultural Engineering: third overall and second among public universities
  • Statistics: fifth overall and third among publics
  • Analytical Chemistry: 12th overall and 12th among publics
  • Higher Education Administration: 13th overall and eighth among publics
  • Inorganic Chemistry: 18th overall and tenth among publics
  • Student Counseling and Personnel Services: 18th overall and 16th among publics
  • Materials Engineering: 25th overall and 15th among publics
  • Schools of Engineering: 42nd overall and 24th among publics.

"One of our priorities at Iowa State is to increase the number of graduate, professional and research programs that are among the very best," said David Holger, the dean of Iowa State's Graduate College and associate provost for academic programs. "We're pleased to have several programs earn high rankings. But our focus is to continue to build top programs on university strengths. We expect those programs to address critical needs across Iowa and around the world."

Other Iowa State graduate programs ranked in the top 100 overall by the magazine include:

  • Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering: 26th overall and 18th among publics
  • Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering: 27th overall and 19th among publics
  • Chemical Engineering: 31st overall and 21st among publics
  • Chemistry: 36th overall and 21st among publics
  • Civil Engineering: 34th overall and 21st among publics
  • Mechanical Engineering: 36th overall and 22nd among publics
  • Computer Engineering: 39th overall and 23rd among publics
  • Electrical/Electronic/Communications Engineering: 41st overall and 25th among publics
  • Physics: 48th overall and 29th among publics
  • Economics: 54th overall and 29th among publics
  • Computer Science: 61st overall and 36th among publics
  • Math: 64th overall and 37th among publics
  • Biological Sciences: 68th overall and 37th among publics
  • Psychology: 74th overall and 46th among publics
  • Fine Arts: 93rd overall and 36th among publics
  • English: 94th overall and 43rd among publics
  • Education: 96th overall and 70th among publics

For more information about the magazine's rankings, see the magazine's Web page.