ISU will reopen Friday; water conservation encouraged

Iowa State University will reopen Friday, Aug. 13, with several truckloads of bottled water and continued reminders to campus residents and visitors not to drink city or campus water.

Iowa State was closed Thursday, Aug. 12, due to limited city water service and a "boil water" order for the Ames/campus community. Several things have changed in the past 24 hours.

Water pressure in the Ames system, while still low, has rebounded enough to flush toilets and run faucets. And university officials have trucked additional water to campus for distribution. They're also asking employees to bring their own bottled water to campus as well.

Madden: Water conservation must continue

The campus community can help speed Ames' return to top quality drinking water by conserving water, vice president for business and finance Warren Madden said.

Water towers must be refilled and pressure increased before city officials can test the water and flush the system. The more water that is conserved, the faster the towers will fill. The campus community is urged to conserve water by:

  • Taking short showers
  • Turning off water while lathering or shaving
  • Minimizing flushing
  • Reducing water use as much as possible

A large water main break Wednesday morning under Squaw Creek dropped water pressure and drained city water towers to critical levels. Due to the possibility of contamination, Ames water plant officials shut down the water supply to the distribution community, including Iowa State.

Ready for students

Despite unprecedented flooding in the past few days and the water main break, university officials expect to be ready for students over the next week and a half. Director of residence Pete Englin reports that students, including early movers, will be able to move into campus residence halls and apartments on schedule.

Water distribution

Bottled water will be distributed to the campus community Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm, at the:

  • West entrance of the Memorial Union
  • Hawthorne Market and Cafe
  • Parking Office, 27 Armory