Iowa State

AMES, Iowa - Iowa State University attracted $342.3 million in grants, contracts, gifts and cooperative agreements during fiscal year 2011. This is a decrease of $45.9 million or 12 percent from last year's record high.

Much of the drop from the $388.2 million record set in fiscal year 2010 can be attributed to the expiration of federal stimulus programs and other decreases in federal funding, said Sharron Quisenberry, Iowa State's vice president for research and economic development.

The external funding is in addition to the fiscal year 2011 state appropriation of $228 million for the university's day-to-day operations.

"For the third straight year, Iowa State University has attracted more than $300 million in external support," said President Gregory Geoffroy. "These dollars improve the education of our students, support the research of our faculty and build on the state's investment in our campus. These dollars coming to Iowa help create the knowledge and opportunities that can make Iowa a better place."

The external funding supports research across campus as well as educational projects, student financial aid, buildings, equipment and extension activities. It comes directly to Iowa State from federal, state and local government sources as well as from corporations, foundations and other universities.

Iowa State's largest single source of external funding is the National Science Foundation at $37.9 million. The second highest source was the U.S. Department of Energy at $36.2 million. The third highest was the U.S. Department of Agriculture at $33.8 million.

Of the $342.3 million total, $197.4 million was directed to research projects based on proposals submitted by Iowa State faculty and scientific staff.

"Iowa State University continues to bring hundreds of millions of dollars into the state," said Quisenberry. "This external support demonstrates the strength of our faculty, staff and students. This external support builds university programs that can help the entire state meet the challenges of the 21st century."

Here's a look at the sources of Iowa State's external funding over the past four fiscal years:

Iowa State University Sponsored Funding

Federal by agency

FY11 (July-June)---FY10---FY09---FY08

Department of Agriculture

Department of Defense

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Education

Department of Commerce

Department of Interior

Department of Transportation

Department of Energy

National Science Foundation


Environmental Protection Agency



Total Federal


Non-Federal Agency
State, county and city government

Businesses and corporations

Foundations and associations


Universities and colleges



Total Non-Federal


Sponsored Funding Total