Food price experts available for media interviews at Iowa State University

AMES, Iowa - Uncertainty in the oil market, commodities market and stock market can mean broad fluctuations in the food market.

Iowa is the commodity provider for the world's breadbasket, and Iowa State University has several experts who offer clear insights when you're cooking up your story on fluctuating food prices.

Please contact the expert directly, or Dan Kuester (515-294-0704) to arrange an interview.

Bruce Babcock 515-294-5764
Director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, researches in the areas of production economics, technological change, agricultural policy, agricultural markets, agricultural policy and insurance, marketing and production decisions under risk.

James Bushnell 515-294-0702
Director of Biobased Industry Center, researches energy economics and policy, industrial organization, environmental economics.

Chad Hart 515-294-9911
Grain Markets Specialist for Iowa State University, formerly U.S. Policy and Insurance Analyst with the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute and a scientist with the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at ISU.

Dermot Hayes 515-294-6185
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Agribusiness Chair, researches in the areas of international trade, consumer demand, price analysis and commodity markets.

Charles Hurburgh 515-294-8629
Interests are food chain traceability, grain quality, marketing and distribution, quality management systems.

Daniel Loy 515-294-1058
Director of the Iowa Beef Center, researches production and evaluation of beef production systems, and applied research and demonstration in beef nutrition.

John Mabry 515-294-6325
Director of the Iowa Pork Industry Center, researches in areas of development of breeding strategies that maximize profitability of swine production systems, development and implementation of cross-herd genetic evaluation programs in swine, and usage of swine data management systems.

Richard Pirog 515-294-1854
Associate Director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, program leader for the Center's Marketing and Food Systems Initiative, directs the Value Chain Partnerships project, collaborates on local and place-based foods, building food networks, food value chains, and ecolabels.