Iowa State graduate programs climb in U.S. News rankings; Ag engineering up to No. 3

Graduate students

Iowa State graduate students in agricultural and biosystems engineering meet in Sukup Hall's Measurement and Control Systems Laboratory. Larger image. Photo by Dan McClanahan, courtesy of agricultural and biosystems engineering.

AMES, Iowa – Several Iowa State colleges climbed in the national graduate school rankings released today by U.S. News and World Report magazine. Iowa State’s program in agricultural and biosystems engineering also jumped one spot to No. 3.

Other highly ranked programs at Iowa State include higher education administration, statistics, aerospace engineering, materials engineering, and industrial and manufacturing systems engineering.

In all, 12 of Iowa State’s schools or departments rank among the magazine’s top 25 public programs.

The magazine says it analyzed more than 1,200 graduate programs to compile the rankings. Every year, the magazine publishes new rankings for some disciplines and older rankings for others.

Here are Iowa State’s numbers:

New rankings, colleges/schools:

Veterinary Medicine, 13th overall, 10th among public schools (previously 17th and 14th, last ranked in 2011)

Engineering, 43rd overall, 24th among publics (46th and 25th last year)

Business, 63rd overall, 32nd among publics (73rd and 49th last year)

Education, 83rd overall, 65th among publics (86th and 62nd last year)


New rankings, programs:

Biological/Agricultural Engineering, 3rd overall, 3rd among publics

Higher Education Administration, 16th overall, 11th among publics

Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering, 23rd overall, 16th among publics

Materials Engineering, 24th overall, 15th among publics

Industrial/Manufacturing Systems Engineering, 25th overall, 18th among publics

Chemical Engineering, 30th overall, 19th among publics

Civil Engineering, 37th overall, 24th among publics

Electrical/Electronic/Communications Engineering, 41st overall, 23rd among publics

Mechanical Engineering, 43rd overall, 23rd among publics

Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering, 48th overall, 32nd among publics

Computer Engineering, 53rd overall, 29th among publics


Older rankings, programs:

Statistics, 19th overall, 11th among publics, ranked in 2014

Chemistry, 45th overall, 28th among publics, ranked in 2014

Physics, 50th overall, 30th among publics, ranked in 2014

Economics, 55th overall, 30th among publics, ranked in 2013

Computer Science, 63rd overall, 37th among publics, ranked in 2014

Math, 68th overall, 41st among publics, ranked in 2014

Sociology, 74th overall, 51st among publics, ranked in 2013

Biological Sciences, 75th overall, 42nd among publics, ranked in 2014

Psychology, 78th overall, 49th among publics, ranked in 2013

Fine Arts, 93rd overall, 54th among publics, ranked in 2012