Iowa State undergraduates showcase their research at annual Capitol event March 24

AMES, Iowa — With research on sciatic nerve regeneration, the implications of marginal tax rates on housing prices, honey bee survival and extreme winter precipitation in the Upper Mississippi River Basin, there will be lots to discuss when 21 Iowa State University undergraduates present their research to legislators and others during the annual "Research in the Capitol." The event will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 24, in the Rotunda of the State Capitol building in Des Moines.

More than 60 undergraduate students from Iowa's three Regent universities (Iowa State, the University of Iowa, and the University of Northern Iowa) will display their research posters and describe their work. The event highlights the importance of research to the undergraduate learning experience.

At Iowa State, participation is open to all undergraduate students. The University Honors Program coordinates the event.

The Iowa State students who will present their work at the capitol, their hometowns, majors, research titles and mentors are:

Reem Alkhalil, Ames, chemical engineering: "The Biological Role of Water - Teaching Students Through the Meta!Blast Game," Mandela Magnidjem, genetics development and cell biology.          

Celia Bravard, Granger, food science: "Development, Acceptability, and Shelf Life of a Gluten-Free Fruit and Whole Grain Snack," Stephanie Clark, food science and human nutrition.

Morgan Bobb, Wever, genetics and global resource systems: "Characterizing Sciatic Nerve Regeneration and Functional Recovery in an in vivo Experiment Using a Poly-lactic Acid Micro-patterned Conduit," Donald Sakaguchi, genetics, development and cell biology.

Lauran Chambers, Corwith, biochemistry: "Expression of fungal Pectin Methylesterase in Arabidopsis Causes a Dwarf Plant Phenotype and Increased Stress Resistance," Olga Zabotina, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology.

Kendra Clark, Beeville, Texas, biology and Megan Trautmiller, Plymouth, Minnesota, biology: "Identification of Glial Marker Genes in the Developing Enteric Nervous System," Julie Kuhlman, genetics, development and cell biology.

Ann Huet, Oak Forest, Illinois, psychology: "Keep on the Sunny Side: Effects of Aging on Neural Activity Related to Feedback Processing," Robert West, psychology.

Christopher Isely, Cottage Grove, Minnesota, chemical engineering: "pNIPAm Particles for Protein-based Reprogramming of Tumor-associated Macrophages to Anti-tumor Macrophages," Kaitlin Bratlie, materials science and engineering.

Natalie LaLuzerne, Savage, Minnesota, meteorology: "Contemporary and Future Extreme Winter Precipitation in the Upper Mississippi River Basin," William Gutowski, geological and atmospheric sciences.

Catherine Le Denmat, Racine, Wisconsin, chemical engineering: "Using Biomaterials to Reduce Fibrous Encapsulation of Implanted Devices," Kaitlin Bratlie, materials science and engineering.

Rianka Macwan, Naperville, Illinois, animal science: "Comparative Analysis and Case Study of Local Meats Procurement in Cresco, IA Schools," Craig Chase, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

Margaret McGinity, Ottumwa, music, and journalism and mass communication: "Short Film: Nonverbal Communication," Jeff Ames, journalism and mass communication.

Catherine Meis, Le Mars, materials engineering: "Ionic Electroactive Polymer Actuators for Microfluidic Mixing," Nastaran Hashemi and Reza Montazami, mechanical engineering.

Tyler Meseke, Bettendorf, biology and anthropology: "Mammalian Orthoreovirus Proteins μ1 And μ2 Induce Infection Independent Downregulation Of HIF-1α," Pooja Gupta-Saraf, veterinary microbiology and preventive medicine.

Christian Miller, Atlanta, Georgia, biological systems engineering: "Oxygen Demand of Red Flour Beetles in Sorghum," Thomas Brumm, agricultural and biosystems engineering.

Giselle Narvaez Rivera, San Juan, Puerto Rico, animal ecology: "The Effects of Nutritional Stress and Viruses on Honey Bee Survival and Foraging Behavior," Amy Toth and Adam Dolezal, ecology, evolution and organismal biology.

Hieu Nguyen, Ames, finance, economics and math: "Marginal Tax Rates and its Implications on Housing Prices," Peter Orazem, economics.

Kevin Quinteros, Des Moines, animal ecology and biology: "A Novel Modification of the Tetrapod Scapula During Development of Turtles with Shell Closing Systems," Fredric Janzen, ecology, evolution and organismal biology.

Anna Rogers, Lake Mills, genetics and statistics: "Analysis of the Maize Cytokinin Receptor Zea mays Histidine Kinase 1 Function Using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae," Michael Muszynski, genetics, development and cell biology.

Michelle Voelker, Ryan, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering: "Variations in Resume Design," Charles Kostelnick, English.

Shumao Ye, Ames, dietetics: "Calcein's Quenching In Vitro Method for Assessing Dietary Iron Bioavailability," Manju Reddy, food science and human nutrition.