Iowa State's graduate program in ag/biosystems engineering climbs to No. 2 in annual U.S. News ranking; other specialties also highly ranked

Ames, Iowa – Iowa State University’s agriculture and biosystems engineering program jumped another spot to No. 2 in U.S. News and World Report’s national graduate school rankings released today.

Other highly ranked categories at Iowa State include veterinary medicine, statistics, aerospace engineering and industrial and manufacturing systems engineering.

The 2017 Best Graduate Schools rankings are designed to help prospective students research programs across six disciplines (business, law, engineering, education, medicine and nursing), and evaluate the potential return on their investment. Specialties within each graduate school discipline also are ranked.

The data for the annual rankings come from statistical surveys of more than 1,900 programs and from reputation surveys sent to more than 18,400 academics and professionals, conducted in fall 2015 and early 2016.

Every year, U.S. News publishes new rankings for some disciplines and older rankings for others.

Here are Iowa State’s numbers:

New rankings, colleges/schools:

Engineering, tied for 48th overall; tied for 26th among public universities (43rd and 24th last year)

Business, tied for 71st overall; tied for 39th among publics (63rd and 32nd last year)

Education, tied for 78th overall; tied for 60th among publics (83rd and 65th last year)

New rankings, programs:

Biological/Agricultural Engineering, 2nd overall; 2nd among publics

Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering, tied for 23rd overall; tied for 16th among publics

Industrial/Manufacturing Systems Engineering, tied for 26th overall; tied for 17th among publics

Chemical Engineering, tied for 33rd overall; tied for 20th among publics

Materials Engineering, tied for 33rd overall; tied for 21st among publics

Civil Engineering, tied for 34th overall; tied for 21st among publics

Electrical/Electronic/Communications Engineering, tied for 38th overall; tied for 22nd among publics

Mechanical Engineering, tied for 38th overall; tied for 22nd among publics

Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering, tied for 51st overall; tied for 32nd among publics

Computer Engineering, tied for 54th overall; 31st among publics

Older rankings:

Veterinary medicine, 13th overall; 10th among publics (ranked in 2015)

Statistics, 19th overall; 11th among publics (ranked in 2014)

Chemistry, tied for 45th overall; 28th among publics (ranked in 2014)

Physics, tied for 50th overall; 30th among publics (ranked in 2014)

Economics, 55th overall; 30th among publics (ranked in 2013)

Computer Science, tied for 63rd overall; 37th among publics (ranked in 2014)

Math, tied for 68th overall; 41st among publics (ranked in 2014)

Sociology, 74th overall; 51st among publics (ranked in 2013)

Biological Sciences, tied for 75th overall; 42nd among publics (ranked in 2014)

Psychology, tied for 78th overall; 49th among publics (ranked in 2013)