Iowa State undergraduates showcase their research at annual Capitol event March 29

RIC rotunda

 AMES, Iowa — With research on wind turbine blade optimization, the underlying mechanisms of neuroinflammation, the Native American Jingle Dress and Iowa's care deserts, there will be much to discuss when 22 Iowa State University undergraduates present their research to legislators and others during the annual "Research in the Capitol." The event will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, in the Rotunda of the State Capitol building in Des Moines.

More than 60 undergraduate students from Iowa's three Regent universities (Iowa State, the University of Iowa, and the University of Northern Iowa) will display their research posters and describe their work. The event highlights the importance of research to the undergraduate learning experience, as well as the depth and variety of research being done.

At Iowa State, participation is open to all undergraduate students. The University Honors Program coordinates the event.

The Iowa State students who will present their work at the capitol, their hometowns, majors, research titles and mentors are:

Kierstin Blomberg, Newhall, meteorology: "Analyzing Climate Change in the Arctic by Examining Indices of Severe Weather from Contemporary Climates," William Gutowski, geological and atmospheric sciences.

Rebecca Clay, Le Mars, agronomy and global resource systems: "Cover Crops as a Gateway to Greater Conservation in Iowa? Integrating Crop Models, Field Trials, Economics and Farmer Perspectives," J. Gordon Arbuckle, sociology.

Carolyn Darling, Aurora, Illinois, mechanical engineering: "Wind Turbine Blade Optimization," Ming-Chen Hsu, mechanical engineering.

Safwan Elkhatib, Bettendorf, and Andrew Barnes, Bettendorf, kinesiology: "Upper Respiratory Humoral Immunity in Response to Exercise and Psychological Stress," Marian Kohut, kinesiology

Anna Fisher, Cedar Rapids, nutritional science and global resource systems: "Aflatoxin Contamination in Groundnuts: Determining Awareness of its Effects on Human Health," Donna Winham, food science and human nutrition.

Jeffrey Gustafson, Kiron, chemistry: "Computation Applied to the Future of Rare Earth Separations," Theresa Windus, chemistry.

Laurelin Haas, Muscatine, community and regional planning and environmental studies:  "Site Suitability Analysis for Student Housing in Ames, Iowa," Monica Haddad, community and regional planning.

Timothy King, Ankeny, biology and environmental science: "Greenhouse Gas Emission and Water Quality Quantification along Saturated Buffer Strip of Bear Creek," Dick Schultz, natural resource ecology and management.

Elizabeth Kraidich, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, apparel, merchandising and design: "The Native American Jingle Dress," Brenda Ackerman, apparel, events and hospitality management.

Chris Levandowski, Mankato, Minnesota, civil engineering: "Evaluating Ultra-High Performance Concrete Properties and Wind Energy Applications," Sri Srithraran, civil, construction and environmental engineering.

Zachary Lones, Des Moines, computer engineering: "Space/Time Analysis for Cybersecurity," Suraj Kothari, electrical and computer engineering.

Belinda Mahama, Ames, biology: "Inflammatory Biomarkers of Hydrogen Sulfide Induced Neurotoxicity and Degeneration," Wilson Rumbeiha, veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine.

Emily Martin, Fort Dodge, environmental science: "Drying Behavior and Analysis of Moisture Content in Waste Food," Kurt Rosentrater, agricultural and biosystems engineering.

Sarah Myers, Sabula, psychology and animal science: "Leveling the Playing Field: Using Expressive Writing and a Teaching Intervention to Reduce Test Anxiety Effects on Exam Performance," Jason Chan, psychology.

Samuel Schulte, West Des Moines, biochemistry: "Investigating Diterpenoid Production in Plants," Reuben Peters, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology.

Allison Sims, Fairview, Texas, and Natalie McCullough, Marion, interior design: "Preservation of Historical Interiors: Uniting Contemporary Function with Historical Integrity in the Cedar Rapids Carnegie Library," Diane Al Shihabi, interior design.

Chloe Steffensmeier, Mt. Pleasant, child adult and family services: "Stressful Life Events, Social Provisions and Well-Being in Later Life," Peter Martin, human development and family studies.

Paul Strickler, Winterset, biology: "Do Different Desaturase Enzymes in Corn Silks Cause Variation in Fatty Acid Accumulation?" Marna Yandeau-Nelson, genetics, development and cell biology.

Sean Wasion, West Branch, mechanical engineering: "Optimizing Trailer-Tail Design for Drag Reduction through Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction," Ming-Chen Hsu, mechanical engineering.

Haley Wellman, Houghton, family and consumer sciences education and studies: "Caregivers Living in Iowa’s Care Deserts," Jennifer Margrett, human development and family studies.