Iowa State experts available to comment on 2020 election

The following is a list of Iowa State University experts available to comment on the issues and candidates for the 2020 election. *All videos were shot with physical distancing measures in place*

Jonathan Hassid, associate professor of political science
Expertise: China, trade
Quote: “There's not a lot of daylight between the two candidates. They're both arguing that China is being unfair in its trade practices and that China is being too aggressive.”
Contact:, 515-294-0698

Karen Kedrowski, director of the Catt Center for Women and Politics
Expertise: Women and politics, presidential elections and campaigns, young voters
Quote: “The early polling indicates that the gender gap in 2020 promises to be even bigger. It's looking like as much as 20 points between men and women.”
Contact:, 515-294-4185

Jim McCormick, professor of political science
Expertise: Trade, foreign policy
Quote: “The results of this election have very important foreign policy consequences in terms of where the United States is headed in the global arena.”
Contact:, 515-294-8682

Dave Peterson, Lucken Professor of Political Science
Expertise: Polling, voter behavior, campaign strategy
Quote: “Voters have a very good sense of who Donald Trump is...a pretty good sense of who Joe Biden is, after his long career in politics, and they're ready to make a decision.”
Contact:, 515-294-9306

Mack Shelley, University Professor and chair of political science
Expertise: Health care, public policy, gerontology
Quote: “The U.S. has the dubious honor of having the most fatalities and the most cases. That's not a good record, one would argue, for an incumbent president.”
Contact:, 515-294-1075

Kelly Winfrey, assistant professor of journalism
Expertise: Gender and politics, campaign media coverage, social media and politics
Quote: “We're reallly looking this time at how that conflict is happening in a really polarized election cycle.”
Contact:, 515-294-8344