Des Moines Area Community College, Iowa State launch new program for transfer students

AMES – Thousands of students begin their quest for a bachelor’s degree each year at one of Iowa’s community colleges before transferring to a four-year institution. The state’s largest community college and largest university launched a new program to make the transfer process even smoother for their shared students.

DMACC – ISU Connect is an expansion of the institutions’ longstanding Admissions Partnership Program, created in 2006, which includes guaranteed admission to Iowa State University of Science and Technology for Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) students meeting the university’s academic requirements, as well as degree planning services and access to student clubs and recreation facilities

DMACC – ISU Connect offers several new advantages to DMACC graduates transferring to Iowa State, including a dedicated housing community for DMACC transfers, a pilot early entry program for DMACC-bound high school seniors, coordinated academic advising, career preparation workshops and other special events, and “Connection Days” each semester across DMACC’s six central Iowa campuses. Additional benefits will be developed in the coming years.

“More DMACC graduates continue their academic careers at Iowa State than any other university, including 5,000 since 2012,” said DMACC President Rob Denson. “DMACC – ISU Connect allows these students to begin their college career closer to home, while still taking classes in high-demand fields like business and cybersecurity, and then build on their academic success at Iowa State.”

DMACC is also the top source of students who transfer to Iowa State, accounting for more than 25% of total transfers each year, nearly half of all transfers from Iowa community colleges.

“Iowa State is proud to be the university of choice for DMACC students to complete their bachelor’s degrees,” said Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen. “With many of our shared students staying in Iowa to launch their professional careers, this program is one important way we’re meeting the state’s workforce needs and strengthening our economy and communities.”

DMACC – ISU Connect was formally launched at a ceremony July 12 featuring Denson, Wintersteen, and several DMACC students who will continue their academic careers at Iowa State.