Graduating senior Adam Bittner has travelled the world as an ISU student

When Adam Bittner first took a summer job as a farmhand in high school, he had no idea that it would have such a profound impact on his life. There he developed a passion for agriculture that ultimately led him to Iowa State from Pennsylvania. But it took him so much further as well. He's travelled the world in his time at ISU, working on farms in Patagonia, Argentina. He didn't speak Spanish, but quickly learned, which led him to change majors to Spanish. His interests also took him on more travels, visiting farms Guatamala, and taking student group trips to Germany and Turkey. He's currently finishing his degree in Spain, but what comes next isn't fully known. But Bittner know he wants to use his degree to do something with food and agriculture. For more information on Bittner's story, visit