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Saturday, May 7 2005


ISU graduates first doctorate in human computer interaction

Melinda Cerney is the first Iowa State student to graduate with a doctorate in human computer interaction. Iowa State is one of three American universities offering a doctorate in human computer interaction, a program that trains students to understand how humans and computers interact in various environments.

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Actuarial tools helps predict sexual offenders' recidivism

Several states are using an Iowa State professor's actuarial tool to help predict whether sexual offenders will relapse into more criminal behavior.

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Fire safety goes high-tech

A new fire safety program will use Iowa State's virtual reality facilites to put children in a computer-generated fire. The exercise will be realistic and safe.

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New dairy farm plans OKed

Final plans for Iowa State's new dairy farm got the greenlight from the Board of Regents May 5. When completed, the new farm is expected to be among the premiere dairy education and research facilities in the nation.

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New facility will be dedicated to academic success

Iowa State students will soon have a new facility dedicated to improving academic achievement and increasing student retention and graduation rates. Donors committed $10 million to establish the center.

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71 on promotion, tenure list

The Board of Regents approved tenure, promotions or both for 71 Iowa State faculty on May 5. Twenty-nine faculty were promoted to the rank of professor, 39 were promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure, and three faculty were tenured without promotion.

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Associate director of teacher ed program named

Veronica Stalker has been named associate director of Iowa State's teacher education program.

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Students collaborate on collapsible doors

Collapsible door project teaches future designers the art of collaboration.

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Schwartz Award to Wayne Davis

Wayne P. Davis, a former community newspaper publisher and past Iowa State public relations staff member and journalism instructor, will receive the 2005 James W. Schwartz Award for Distinguished Service to Journalism and Communication.

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Gas from switchgrass is researcher's goal

Iowa State scientist Robert Brown, who hopes that machines of the future will be powered by gas made from switchgrass, is The Science Coalition's "Researcher in the News."

Science Coalition More on Brown's work.

Bronze rabbits

Cuddly bunny or wascally wabbit?

Three bronze scultures recently added to Reiman Gardens symbolize our love-hate relationship with the cute creatures that are devouring our plants.

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Conference on tailoring plants for energy, products

The Midwest could someday replace the Mideast as the center of energy production if researchers can develop plants that more readily convert their leaves, stalks and other fibers into energy and biobased products. At a May 16 conference, experts will explore this challenge.

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