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Monday, January 30 2006


Career fairs draw hundreds of recruiters

Iowa State hosts two separate career fairs this week. The College of Engineering hosts Career Expo 2006 in Hilton Coliseum Tuesday, Jan. 31, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Business jointly host Spring '06 Job Fair, Feb. 1, in Hilton. The first event will be the largest engineering job fair ever held on campus with more than 700 recruiters representing 200-plus companies. Around 4,500 students also are expected. The College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences expect about 143 companies to be represented and 2,700 students to attend.

Srinivas Aluru

Srinivas Aluru

A supercomputer for Iowa State University

Iowa State University's new supercomputer can do 5.7 trillion calculations per second. It's among the top 10 university supercomputers in the country.

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Steps to improve child care recommended

A new study finds that high employee turnover and overhead costs may jeopardize continued operation of quality early child care and education programs in Iowa. The study offers four strategies for addressing the problem.

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Speakers' talks will be available as podcasts

Many of the talks by visiting speakers on campus this semester will be available as podcasts.

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Gartner on universities and economic development

In a recent talk to the Iowa House Economic Growth Committee, Regents president Michael Gartner tackled the "myth" that universities don't understand or participate in economic development. "The brainpower at the universities, the creativity, the inventiveness and the entrepreneurial spirit are second to none," Gartner said.

Gartner's remarks (PDF file)

Presenting the research and development power of Iowa's Regent universities

The Innovation Iowa economic development program sponsored by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, will be 4-6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 15, at the John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center at 1200 Grand Ave. in Des Moines.

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Bugeja: High-tech gadgets can distract students

Facebook and today's high-tech gadgets are becoming as much a distraction as a tool for learning, says Michael Bugeja, director of ISU's Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication.

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Top of the list

Jamie Pollard knew what he was looking for, and he found it in Ames. ISU's new athletics director is profiled in the winter edition of VISIONS, the magazine for members of the ISU Alumni Assn.

Pollard story.

African American studies director named

R. Tunde Adeleke, director of African American Studies at the University of Montana, Missoula, has been named director of African American Studies in Iowa State's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The appointment is effective Aug. 16.

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ISU Department of Residence will expand student housing options for next fall

ISU's Department of Residence is offering more student housing options for fall 2006. The changes involve Wallace Hall, Schilletter/University Village Apartments (SUV) and Helser Hall.

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