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Wednesday, June 7 2006


Engineering minor in the works

A second-in-the-nation engineering minor is on schedule to begin spring semester 2007. First-year enrollment would be limited to 50 students.

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New ISU teaching method boosts student science scores on Iowa tests by 25 percent

A new method to teach science to Iowa's K-6 students -- designed by education professors in ISU's College of Human Sciences -- has produced a 25 percent increase in science scores on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) for students in grades 3-6 who receive special education assistance, when compared to other students.

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ISU grad student spends summer bringing light to the darkness in China

Using a grant from the National Science Foundation, ISU grad student Nathan Johnson will spend most of his summer in China helping isolated, rural villages develop simple sources of energy for household use.

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Ultrasonics boosts release rates of corn sugars for ethanol production

A team of Iowa State researchers has used ultrasonic pretreatment of corn in laboratory experiments to increase the corn's release rates of sugars by 30 percent. That could mean each bushel of corn that goes into an ethanol plant could more efficiently produce ethanol for your car's fuel tank.

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Researchers recommend going "Wayback" for lost Web sites

Two researchers from Iowa State's Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication report a search through will produce better results -- almost twice as many as Google -- according to their study on finding inaccessible online citations from six professional journals.

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Pet overpopulation can be prevented

Every eight to 10 seconds, an animal is euthanized because there is no home available for it. This tragedy can be avoided, says Iowa State University veterinarian Dr. Kim Langholz

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Turning corn fiber into ethanol

Iowa State University researchers have used mold to convert corn fiber into ethanol. The discovery could turn byproducts of corn milling into another source of fuel.

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Info offered to veterans worried about identity theft

Iowa State faculty and staff are stepping up to help Iowa veterans concerned about identity theft.

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ISU Borlaug Interns begin research adventures

Two students research world hunger in China and Mexico this summer, thanks to the Plant Sciences Institute, the College of Agriculture and the World Food Prize.

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Psychologist offers advice on video games for kids

ISU psychologist Craig Anderson -- one of the world's leading experts on video game violence -- advises parents to consider more than a game's age-based rating before making a purchase.

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Unanimous reaccreditation for teacher ed program

Iowa State's Teacher Education Program (UTEP) received unanimous approval for reaccreditation last week from the Iowa Department of Education's State Board of Education.

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News tip: Iowa State experts can comment on the bugs of summer

They fly, they bite, they sting, they chew. And as temperatures in Iowa begin to soar, so do the bugs of summer. ISU's entomology department is ready to help you decipher this year's insect invasion.

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