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Sunday, June 19 2011


Parents prefer media content ratings system in national study led by ISU's Douglas Gentile

A new national study led by Douglas Gentile (right), an ISU associate professor of psychology, found that parents would prefer media ratings that focus on detailed content information rather than the current age-based ratings. A national sample of 2,392 parents were surveyed by independent research firms in the study "Parents' Evaluation of Media Ratings a Decade After Television Ratings Were Introduced," which will be published in the July 2011 issue of Pediatrics.

Iowa State hybrid lab combines technologies to make biorenewable fuels and products

The Hybrid Processing Laboratory located just inside the front door of Iowa State University's new Biorenewables Research Laboratory is increasingly busy. It's a place where researchers in biochemical and thermochemical sciences work together to develop technologies that produce biorenewable fuels and chemicals. And it's a showcase for the multidisciplinary work promoted by Iowa State's Bioeconomy Institute.
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Greenlee School students earn second place in prestigious Effie Collegiate PSA Challenge

Three ISU Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication seniors -- Lucas Droessler, Justin Lobaito and Maria Beresnev -- won second-place in the 2011 Heineken USA/Effie Collegiate PSA Challenge for their "Tag Your Taxi" entry. The Effie Award has become a global symbol of achievement to honor marketing ideas that work. Heineken USA and Effie joined together in 2010 to create the Collegiate PSA Challenge.

Scott Boyken

Scott Boyken

ISU graduate student selected for annual Nobel Prize conference in Germany

Doctoral student Scott Boyken is one of 550 young scientists chosen from more than 25,000 applicants worldwide to attend a Nobel Laureate conference in Lindau, Germany, that will focus on research in physiology and medical sciences.

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Clough plans to improve science education as president of international teaching group

Michael Clough (right), an ISU associate professor of science education in curriculum and instruction, will become president of the International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group at its biennial international conference, July 1-5 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Clough leads a team of nine educators on the project, titled "The Story Behind the Science: Bringing Science and Scientists to Life in Post-Secondary Science," funded by a National Science Foundation grant.

Researchers will begin tracking performance of ISU Solar Decathlon House at Honey Creek State Park

When Iowa State University participated in the U.S. Department of Energy's 2009 Solar Decathlon competition, the plan was to eventually monitor the long-term performance of the solar-powered Interlock House, which was designed and constructed by students. The house has been reassembled at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' Honey Creek Resort State Park for use as the nature interpretive center and staff offices. And Iowa State researchers are gearing up to track the building's performance in Iowa's climate.
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ISU architecture students are building nation's smallest velodrome for Des Moines

They're calling it Cyclodrome. And deep in the bowels of Iowa State's College of Design, the 15 architecture graduate students are working at a frenetic pace to build it. Even though they had never before seen, ridden or even heard of a velodrome. Even though no plans or dimensions existed to guide them. They're building the nation's smallest velodrome for the nonprofit Des Moines Bike Collective. And it should be ready to roll in Des Moines on July 8.
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Superheroes, tsunamis, bugs and brains top Iowa State's summer blockbuster classes

Summer school used to be the time to take dreaded classes or play catch up. But these days, it comes in all shapes, sizes, locations, subjects and modes. At Iowa State, the summer course offerings cover the gamut. From the impact of geologic disasters to the invention of the superhero ... from the why of motion sickness to the how of celestial navigation ... from the history of the kimono to the future of downtown Des Moines.
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