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Thursday, October 19 2017

Peter Dunn

Financial expert and USA Today columnist Pete the Planner will speak at ISU Nov. 1

USA Today columnist and financial broadcaster Peter Dunn — known as Pete the Planner — will share his unique brand of financial planning during a talk at Iowa State. “The Economy and You: Separating the Facts from the Fiction” will be at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 1, in the Memorial Union Sun Room. Dunn's presentation is part of Iowa State's Greater Iowa Credit Union Business lecture series, and is free and open to the public.

Smartphone with social media icons

Teens sacrifice sleep when they spend more time on electronic devices

The temptation to respond to social media notifications and text messages from friends is keeping more and more teens awake at night. New research from  Iowa State and San Diego State universities found teens who spend more than two hours a day on their smartphones get fewer than seven hours of sleep each night.

Kimberly Zarecor

ISU researchers awarded National Science Foundation grant to study “shrink-smart” communities in Iowa

Iowa State University researchers have received a one-year, $100,000 National Science Foundation planning grant to study “shrink-smart” communities in Iowa and develop tools to help all small and shrinking communities plan for population loss and mitigate its negative effects. The Iowa State project — “A Data-Driven Framework for Smart Decision-Making in Small and Shrinking Communities” — will combine data science with design and social science methodologies and community engagement processes to create an innovative, interdisciplinary research framework that can be a model for future projects.

Food Evolution logo

"Food Evolution" documentary and discussion set for Oct. 30 at Iowa State

The documentary, "Food Evolution," which wrestles with the emotions and evidence surrounding one of the most heated arguments of our time — GMOs and food — will be shown at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 30, in the Memorial Union Great Hall. Alison Van Eenennaam, University of California, Davis — who appears in the film — will provide brief opening remarks and lead a discussion following the 90-minute film. It is free and open to the public.

Marcus Credé

You would not ask a firefighter to perform open-heart surgery

The concept of “collective intelligence” is simple – it asserts that if a team performs well on one task, it will repeat that success on other projects, regardless of the scope or focus of the work. While it sounds good in theory, it doesn’t work that way in reality, according to an Iowa State University researcher.

Edwards Elementary students perform maker theater

‘Maker theater’ puts the spotlight on geometry and literacy

Third graders at Edwards Elementary School combined lessons in literacy and geometry to stage a theater with sets and scripts developed with the help of Iowa State University students. Geometry and literacy were not the only lessons students gained from the experience.

NASA illustration of a dust ring arouind Tabby's Star

Iowa State astronomer says star dust helps explain mysterious dimming star

Iowa State's Massimo Marengo is part of a team of astronomers working to understand the mysterious dimming of Tabby's Star. The star was found by citizen scientists who noticed unprecedented dips in the star's brightness. The unusual dimming led to a lot of potential explanations, including speculation that alien megastructures built to harvest the star’s energy were passing in front of the star. The astronomers report that space dust orbiting the star is the likely cause of the star's long-term dimming.

Tallgrass prairie

Fertilizers adjust nitrogen cycle of prairie plants, according to Iowa State University study

Excess nitrogen can change the composition of tallgrass prairies, granting an advantage to plants that flower earlier in the growing season over plants that flower later, according to new research from an Iowa State University scientist. The findings have implications for wildlife and pollinating insects that use prairie plants for habitat.

Tomas Gonzals-Torres in his Iowa State office

Change Agent: Tomas Gonzalez-Torres, aerospace engineering lecturer, NASA veteran

Tomas Gonzalez-Torres, a 1998 Iowa State graduate, is back on campus after working as a NASA flight director. He's passing on some of the lessons he learned at NASA while helping students with senior design projects related to space and courses in lab techniques and computer applications.