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Tuesday, June 2 2009


Finance professor creates software to determine stock price reaction to news

ISU finance professor Arnold Cowan has authored an upgraded version of Eventus® -- a software program that determines how stock prices react to significant corporate announcements -- which is due out this month. The program's notable clients include the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and an office in the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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Cyclers try battery-assisted bikes

A hundred ISU faculty and staff recently tested electric-assisted bikes loaned to the university by X-Treme Scooters. The Newton firm offered the bikes to support the university's Live Green initiative and asked that employees ride the bikes to work. Batteries on the bikes give cyclers the option of peddling assistance.

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ISU personal finance professor assesses impact of new credit card legislation

Tahira Hira, an ISU professor of personal finance and consumer economics, assesses what impact the new Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act will have on credit card consumers. Hira is a member of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy.

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Iowa State's Mini Baja Team engineers a lighter, simpler off-road racer

Iowa State's Mini Baja Team is working to improve on last year's 16th-place finish in a contest sponsored by SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers. Team members think a lighter, simpler off-road racer could help the team move into the top 10. The contest features student-designed and student-built race cars from across the country and around the world.

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Stange Road work continues

Work to repair and resurface Stange Road in the vicinity of Veenker golf course is set to begin the morning of Wednesday, May 27. As scheduled, the northbound lanes will be closed for two weeks (May 27 through June 10), with one lane of traffic in each direction allowed on the other half of the road. A one-week hiatus is planned, with the repair work then moving to the southbound lanes for two weeks (beginning approximately June 22). The section of Stange affected is between the Squaw Creek bridge and Blankenburg Drive. Bike paths on both sides of Stange Road will remain open during the project; CyRide bus stops will have temporary relocations. The city of Ames will oversee a similar Stange Road project from Blankenburg Drive to 24th Street and on 24th Street between Stange Road and the railroad tracks to the east. The city portion will begin several days after the university portion begins.

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ISU researcher identifies genetic pathway responsible for much of plant growth

Iowa State University resarchers have discovered a previously unknown pathway in plant cells that regulates plant growth.

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Iowa State economists assess recession's impact on wages, immigrant workers

Two Iowa State economists have been studying what the country's economic downturn has meant to workers. University Professor of Economics Peter Orazem assesses how the recession has affected employee wages, while Dave Swenson, an associate scientist in economics, assesses its impact on immigrant, low-wage workers.

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Sivils named the second Geoffroy Faculty Fellow at Iowa State

Matthew Sivils, an assistant professor of English, has been named the next recipient of the Gregory L. and Kathleen C. Geoffroy Faculty Fellowship at Iowa State. President and Mrs. Geoffroy established the fellowship in 2005 to support the teaching and research program of an assistant professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Sivils' three-year fellowship begins Aug. 15.

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