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Tuesday, November 10 2009


Iowa State staff search decades-old paper records to identify Gold Star Hall honorees

The walls of the Gold Star Hall - the "memorial" in Memorial Union - are engraved with the names of former students who died while on active duty in the U.S. Armed Services.
This year, seven new names have been engraved. These fallen soldiers, whose combat deaths span 25 years (from 1944 to 1969), will be honored in Iowa State's Gold Star Hall ceremony on Veterans Day.
The seven added this year are former studnets who attended Iowa State, but did not graduate. It takes dedicated Iowa State staff to search through decades-old, hard copy records to uncover the non-graduating students who should be honored on the Gold Star Hall News Release

Iowa State scientist develops lab machine to study glacial sliding related to rising sea levels

Neal Iverson has created a glacier in a freezer that could help scientists understand how glaciers slide across their beds. That could help researchers predict how climate change accelerates glacier sliding and contributes to rising sea levels.

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New federal funding to help ISU scientists build national youth prevention network

Grants totaling more than $7.9 million from several federal agencies have recently been awarded to support the Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute at ISU. Much of the funding will be used to develop a national network of programs designed to strengthen families and foster healthy, positive youth development.

Iowa State University researcher discovers key to vital DNA, protein interaction

Adam Bogdanove, associate professor in plant pathology, was researching the molecular basis of bacterial diseases of rice when he discovered how a group of proteins from plant pathogenic bacteria interact with DNA in the plant cell, opening up the possibility for what the scientist calls a "cascade of advances."

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ISU researchers’ findings bring hope for possible Parkinson’s disease cure

Researchers at Iowa State University have found an essential key to possibly cure Parkinson's disease and are looking for others.
Anumantha Kanthasamy has been working to understand the complex mechanisms of the disease for more than a decade and thinks he has found hope for the cure.

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ISU psychologist Wells is conducting two new studies on eyewitness misidentifications

Gary Wells, a Distinguished Professor of psychology at Iowa State, has begun work on two new studies to explore the thought processes of eyewitnesses when their memory fails as they still try to identify the perpetrator of a crime.
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Iowa State researchers contribute to discovery of gamma rays from starburst galaxy

Iowa State University researchers have contributed to the discovery of high-energy gamma rays coming from a galaxy that's quickly creating new stars. The discovery has just been published in the journal Nature. A key to the research is the VERITAS telescope system that Iowa State researchers helped build.

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Iowa State’s van Leeuwen named R&D Magazine’s 2009 Innovator of the Year

Iowa State's Hans van Leeuwen is being honored as R&D Magazine's 2009 Innovator of the Year for his work to improve biofuel production and his innovations to protect the environment and improve water quality.

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Regents approve budget reversion plan

Employees, students and university units likely will share the burden of a mid-year reduction of $24.5 million in state funding under a plan approved by the state Board of Regents Oct. 29.

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ISU researcher looking for Iowa farmers who want to increase soybean yields

An Iowa State University researcher is putting into practice some ideas that he hopes will show results in the form of bin-busting yields and more income for farmers, and he needs help from farmers to do it.

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Journalism graduate Corey Moss to speak about his Hollywood career at ISU Nov. 12

On Thursday, Nov. 12, Iowa State University journalism graduate Corey Moss will discuss his work with the film "Dear Jack," and share his experiences in entertainment journalism. A screening of "Dear Jack" will follow his lecture.

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