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Tuesday, May 16 2017

Stacy Tye-Williams

After receiving bad advice, bullying victims say they would give same bad advice to others

Targets of workplace bullying get plenty of advice from coworkers and family on how to respond to the situation and make it stop. While well intentioned, much of the advice victims receive is impractical or only makes their situation worse. Despite the bad advice, most victims said they would tell others in their situation to do the same thing.

A fruit dove with a premna plant

New study upends established models of forecasting coextinction in complex ecosystems

Newly published research from ISU scientists shows many species may not be as susceptible to coextinction events as once thought. This new understanding hinges on how dependent individual species are on their mutualist relationships.

Hotel Ver

ISU design students' projects are top two in national Hospitality Design magazine competition

Designs by two teams of Iowa State University students and recent graduates are the two finalists in the student project category of the 13th annual HD Awards competition sponsored by Hospitality Design magazine. The competition recognizes outstanding design projects in 20 categories related to the hospitality industry. The teams will be honored and the winning project announced at the HD Awards ceremony June 7 in New York City. Winners and finalists in each category will be published in the June issue of Hospitality Design.

A mircroscopic image of the nematode that causes the disease elephantiasis

New Iowa State University research will help to refine treatments for global parasitic disease

ISU biomedical researchers have broken new ground in understanding the genome of a parasitic roundworm that infects 2 million people worldwide. The research could lead to more effective treatments to combat the parasites.

Hand holding phone displaying Pokemon GO game

How Pokémon GO can help students build stronger communication skills

Technology continues to change the way students learn and engage with their peers, parents and community. That is why Emily Howell, an assistant professor in Iowa State University’s School of Education, is working with teachers to develop new ways to incorporate digital tools in the classroom, including playing games such as Pokémon GO.

water hemp growing in a field

Iowa State University agronomist urges farmers to commit to weed control despite added expense

Farmers may consider cutting corners with their weed management strategy this growing season to save money in the face of tight profit margins, but an ISU agronomist said doing so will encourage the development of herbicide resistance and cost farmers more in the long run.