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Tuesday, May 9 2017

A mircroscopic image of the nematode that causes the disease elephantiasis

New Iowa State University research will help to refine treatments for global parasitic disease

ISU biomedical researchers have broken new ground in understanding the genome of a parasitic roundworm that infects 2 million people worldwide. The research could lead to more effective treatments to combat the parasites.

Hand holding phone displaying Pokemon GO game

How Pokémon GO can help students build stronger communication skills

Technology continues to change the way students learn and engage with their peers, parents and community. That is why Emily Howell, an assistant professor in Iowa State University’s School of Education, is working with teachers to develop new ways to incorporate digital tools in the classroom, including playing games such as Pokémon GO.

water hemp growing in a field

Iowa State University agronomist urges farmers to commit to weed control despite added expense

Farmers may consider cutting corners with their weed management strategy this growing season to save money in the face of tight profit margins, but an ISU agronomist said doing so will encourage the development of herbicide resistance and cost farmers more in the long run.

An artist's illustration of the nearby start epsilon Eridani and its disk structure that's very similar to our solar system.

Astronomers confirm nearby star a good model of our early solar system

Iowa State University's Massimo Marengo is part of a research team that has confirmed a nearby star's planetary system contains separate belts of asteroids, similar to our own solar system. The star is also about one-fifth the age of our sun. All that makes this star a good model of the early days of our solar system. The findings have just been published by The Astronomical Journal.

Students take notes in class for Business Analytics program

Graduates see career opportunities in growing demand for big data analytics

The answers to some of the challenges businesses face can be found in the volumes of data many corporations collect. The problem is much of that data is messy and requires employees with the analytical skills to find the answers. With that in mind, Iowa State University's College of Business designed an online Master of Business Analytics program to help employees build their analytical skills. The program's first cohort of students will graduate this spring.

Traer and Cy mugs

Iowa State graduate from Glidden says goodbye to four years as Cy

'Fess up, Cyclone Nation. We like to think that between games and matches and tailgates and banquets, Cy resides in a cozy penthouse atop Hilton Coliseum. After all, it’s tough to believe that our beloved mascot's duties are fulfilled by a mere mortal student. And sooner or later that student is bound to graduate.

Gonzalez mug

Iowa State University graduate destined to make a world of difference

Christina Gonzalez probably inherited her spirit of adventure from her mother, who left family and friends in Mexico at 18 to seek a better future. Gonzalez will celebrate with her immigrant parents when she graduates from Iowa State University on Saturday, May 6, with a bachelor’s degree in global resource systems and minors in anthropology and political science. She is on her way to becoming a foreign service officer.