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Sunday, May 16 2010


Iowa State Mini Baja Team hopes for better luck, better performance this year

The student engineers of Iowa State's Mini Baja Team will test the off-road racer they designed and built during a May 19-22 competition in Bellingham, Wash. The students are hoping a lighter car featuring an electronic clutch, custom shocks, a two-speed gearbox and a reconfigured rear suspension can move them up the leaderboard.

Iowa State engineers design power structures that help keep the lights on

Iowa State University engineers are developing new and improved poles to carry electricity across the countryside. They say the new structures -- which can bend and deflect an extreme load -- would be cheaper, easier to install, more secure and more resistant to cascading failures. That means better electrical service for everybody.

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Meredith business development director Dave Kurns to receive Schwartz Award

Dave Kurns, a 1982 ISU journalism graduate and director of business development for Meredith Corp., Des Moines, will receive the James W. Schwartz Award for Distinguished Service to Journalism and Communication from ISU's Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication during a homecoming ceremony Oct. 29.

Brain’s master switch is verified by Iowa State University researcher

The protein that has long been suspected by scientists of being the master switch allowing brains to function has now been verified by Iowa State University researcher Yeon-Kyun Shin. The professor of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology has shown that the protein called synaptotagmin1 (Syt1) is the sole trigger for the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.

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Iowa State researcher uses Wii Remotes™ to teach lessons in computer engineering

Tom Daniels, an Iowa State University assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, has figured out how to use Wii Remotes as a teaching tool in introductory computer engineering courses. He said the game controllers are a great way to teach students to collect and process data.
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