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Tuesday, June 1 2010


Iowa State’s solar car team prepares for June 19-26 race from Tulsa to Chicago

Iowa State students are busy preparing to race the university's tenth solar-powered car. They'll attempt to prove and qualify their car during the June 12-18 Formula Sun Grand Prix in Texas. If that goes well, they'll enter the June 19-26 American Solar Challenge, a race from Tulsa, Okla., to Chicago.

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Iowa State educator assists effort to export U.S. community college model to Indonesia

Linda Serra Hagedorn, an ISU professor of educational leadership and policy studies, is assisting the U.S. State Department in efforts to possibly export the American community college model to the country. That work is part of the Obama administration's initiative to build a greater partnership with Indonesia. Obama will visit the country on June 14.

Tractor pull team hopes new design will overpower field in international competition

Iowa State University's Power Pullers team will participate in an annual tractor pull competition June 5 and 6 in Peoria, Ill., sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Thirty teams from the United States and Canada are scheduled to compete. This year's tractor, "CydeWinder," has been completely redesigned in hopes of improving on last year's fourth-place finish.

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Goran Micevic awarded Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship for medical school

Iowa State University May graduate Goran Micevic has received a Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship. The Iowa State University chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society nominated him for the the $5,000 graduate fellowship. Micevic earned his degree in biochemistry and will attend Yale University Medical School in the fall.
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Playing on the Iowa Crush women's football team is therapeutic for ISU MFA student

College students are always looking for novel ways to relieve the stress of exams and deadlines.

One Iowa State University graphic design graduate student has found that playing women's tackle football for the Iowa Crush is about as therapeutic as it gets. Devon Estes, who is working on her Master of Fine Arts, will be suited up to play linebacker for the Crush's last home game of the season, June 5.
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Iowa State political experts see GOP gubernatorial primary as Branstad's to lose

A pair of Iowa State political experts -- Steffen Schmidt, a University Professor of political science; and Dianne Bystrom, director of ISU's Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics -- have joined the growing chorus of political pundits saying the June 8 Republican gubernatorial primary is former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad's race to lose.
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Iowa State engineer explores intersection of engineering, economics and green policy

W. Ross Morrow, who's just finishing his first year at Iowa State University, believes engineers have a place in public policy debates. He's had some first-hand experience: A report he helped write as a post-doctoral researcher at Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs attracted the attention of a New York Times blog, Rush Limbaugh and Bloomberg Television.
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Iowa State students' summer internships come in all shapes and sizes

Senior Hillary Van Ham will intern in Ghana with Global Mamas, who make clothes for the fair trade market. Photo by Bob Elbert.

For their summer vacations, Iowa State University students are fanning out across the globe doing everything from mosquito netting distribution in Uganda to tropical landscape maintenance at SeaWorld. They're participating in summer internships, those valuable resume builders that signify practical experience.

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Iowa State Mini Baja Team hopes for better luck, better performance this year

The student engineers of Iowa State's Mini Baja Team will test the off-road racer they designed and built during a May 19-22 competition in Bellingham, Wash. The students are hoping a lighter car featuring an electronic clutch, custom shocks, a two-speed gearbox and a reconfigured rear suspension can move them up the leaderboard.

Iowa State engineers design power structures that help keep the lights on

Iowa State University engineers are developing new and improved poles to carry electricity across the countryside. They say the new structures -- which can bend and deflect an extreme load -- would be cheaper, easier to install, more secure and more resistant to cascading failures. That means better electrical service for everybody.

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Brain’s master switch is verified by Iowa State University researcher

The protein that has long been suspected by scientists of being the master switch allowing brains to function has now been verified by Iowa State University researcher Yeon-Kyun Shin. The professor of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology has shown that the protein called synaptotagmin1 (Syt1) is the sole trigger for the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.

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