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Sunday, August 6 2017

  • Saving the monarch butterfly: Iowa State University biologist explains census discrepancy

    New research from an ISU biologist provides an explanation for why citizen scientists taking censuses of monarch butterfly populations didn’t note the same drops in population recorded in Mexico, where the monarchs spend their winters. The research supports previous studies suggesting that an increase in available milkweed could help the monarch population rebound.

  • Festival highlights benefits of music for people with Parkinson’s disease

    Hosting a music festival is something Elizabeth Stegemöller has wanted to do since starting a music therapy class for people with Parkinson's disease. The festival will not only highlight her clients' musical talents, but celebrate the strength they have built through song. 
  • Researchers describe cell structures, mechanisms that enable bacteria to resist antibiotics

    Iowa State University's Edward Yu has spent years studying the structures and mechanisms bacteria use to resist antibiotics. He and his research group recently published two more papers describing the efflux pumps and transporters that certain disease-causing bacteria use to keep antibiotics away. Yu is beginning to use that knowledge to look for ways to disable the structures and restore the effectiveness of drugs.

  • STEM-Lit program encourages play to teach K-3 students about science and reading

    STEM-Lit to Go! teaches young children about science, math, technology, engineering and literature through play. Iowa State University's School of Education and 4-H Clover Kids is piloting the program this summer. It's designed for students in kindergarten through third grade and judging from their response, it's a hit. 

  • The importance of business succession for rural communities

    The vitality of rural economies depends as much on maintaining existing small businesses as attracting new ones, said Iowa State University economic and small business experts. Even though resources are available to assist with business succession, several factors can complicate plans to sell or pass on the business to an heir.

  • Iowa State named a partner in new Department of Energy bioenergy research center

    Iowa State is a partner institution in a new, $104 million research center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Led by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the project will study the next generation of plant-based, sustainable, cost-effective biofuels and bioproducts.

  • Iowa State external funding breaks half-billion dollars

    Iowa State University broke another record in FY 2017, receiving $503.6 million in external funding. This is the fourth record year in a row for funding that includes grants, contracts, gifts and cooperative agreements from federal, state and local governments, as well as from corporations, nonprofits and other universities for research, academic support, scholarships and fellowships and more.

  • Nusser joins other top university research officers to discuss the state of science

    Iowa State University Vice President for Research Sarah Nusser joined other top higher education leaders in Washington, D.C., July 12 to discuss with national media the state of science and continued federal investment in research. The event, held at the National Press Club, was organized by the Association of American Universities and The Science Coalition.

  • Iowa State University plant scientists explore the balance between plant growth and drought response in latest publication

    Iowa State University scientists are untangling the complex genetic mechanisms that control growth and stress response in plants. A recently published paper from the researchers identifies a group of proteins that may be of interest to plant breeders eager for crop varieties that will withstand dry conditions.

  • Care for chronically ill children may suffer when parents and doctors are at odds

    Parents are often thrust into the role of advocate when their child is diagnosed with a chronic illness, but see it as their responsibility to ensure their child gets the best care. An Iowa State University researcher examines the challenges parents face communicating with their child's medical team. Katherine Rafferty says if those lines of communication breakdown, the child’s quality of care is likely to suffer.

  • Engineers win Energy Department grants to help develop a reliable, resilient power grid

    Two Iowa State University electrical engineers have won Department of Energy grants to help improve the country's power grid. One project will develop real-time monitoring and modeling of modern power grids, including renewable energy sources, for better system control and reliability. The other project will address the challenges of adding high levels of intermittent power sources to the grid, mainly wind and solar power.

  • Researchers study links across U.S. grids to move renewable energy and share capacity

    With today’s production of wind energy in the prairie states and solar energy in the desert states, Iowa State University's James McCalley said there’s strong economic motivation to move power to and from the country's primary power grids. McCalley and his research team are working with researchers from national laboratories and the utility industry to study ways to tie the big eastern and western grids together.