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Monday, December 12 2011


Iowa State engineers study how hills, nearby turbines affect wind energy production

Iowa State University engineers are using wind tunnel tests to study how hills, valleys and the placement of wind turbines affect the performance of wind farms. While the wind power industry has data about offshore turbine performance over flat water, there's little information about the effects of uneven ground on wind turbines and their power production.

Photo by Bill Adams, University News Services, University of Iowa.

Photo by Bill Adams, University News Services, University of Iowa.

Iowa State, UI Percy siblings earn National Endowment of the Arts awards

Authors Ben and Jen Percy (above) are believed to be the first brother-sister siblings to each be awarded a $25,000 Literature Fellowship in Creative Writing (Prose) by the National Endowment for the Arts in the same year. An assistant professor of English at Iowa State, Ben just sold the film rights for his first novel, "The Wilding," and is authoring the screenplay. Jen is a graduate of the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program and is now a Truman Capote Fellow at the Iowa Writers' Workshop.

High land prices, high commodity prices make this a great time, bad time to start farming

With farm land prices reaching record levels, and demand for agricultural products higher than ever, this is the best time and the worst time for young farmers to be getting into the business, says Mike Duffy, professor of economics and director of Iowa State University Extension's Beginning Farmer Center.

Board of Regents approves establishment of School of Education at Iowa State

The Iowa Board of Regents granted approval to establish a School of Education to operate within the College of Human Sciences at Iowa State.The new school will combine the resources of Iowa State's departments of curriculum and instruction, educational leadership and policy studies, and University Teacher Education Program. It is projected to become operational in July 2012.

Iowa State's Student Counseling Service trains cadre of mental health first-aid responders

When Howard Tyler joined the faculty at Iowa State University 20 years ago, he felt well prepared for most aspects of his job. But the first time a student in the throes of an emotional crisis walked into his office, he knew he had a lot to learn. That's why Tyler -- now an associate professor -- was among the first to sign up for the ISU Student Counseling Service's new Mental Health First-Aid training. The 12-hour session teaches faculty and staff a set of action steps for helping a distressed student until appropriate treatment and support are received.

Iowa State’s METaL lab develops multiple ways to experience virtual reality

Iowa State University's METaL virtual reality facility is designed to be a versatile, everyday research tool. It will be used to study and develop 3-D visual display technology, audio effects and force feedback. It will also make virtual reality more accessible on campus.

Cyclone Battalion at ISU named best Army ROTC program in Midwestern brigade

The Cyclone Army ROTC Battalion has been named the top program in the 3rd Brigade. The award is based on overall training performance and success at the annual Leadership Development and Assessment Course, and commissioning excellence. The 3rd Brigade includes Army ROTC programs at more than 40 schools in the Midwest.