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Friday, July 1 2022

  • Who trusts gene-edited foods? New study gauges public acceptance

    Researchers at ISU surveyed a nationally representative sample of 2,000 U.S. residents to gauge public acceptance of gene-edited foods. Social factors like food beliefs and trust in institutions played a big role in the participants' willingness to eat or actively avoid products made with gene-editing technologies.

  • University suspends, sanctions Men’s Cyclone Hockey Club

    Iowa State University is suspending the Men’s Cyclone Hockey Club from all competition for the 2022-2023 academic year following an investigation into allegations of team hazing. 

  • Theoretical calculations predicted now-confirmed tetraneutron, an exotic state of matter

    Iowa State University's James Vary and an international team of nuclear physicists used supercomputers to theorize and predict that a four-neutron structure, a tetraneutron, could form for just billions of billionths of a second. Experiments in Japan have now confirmed the reality of a tetraneutron. That could open doors for new studies, could lead to a better understanding of how the universe is put together and could provide useful properties for existing and emerging technologies.

  • New book highlights public art that transforms urban spaces

    A new book highlights how public art can transform urban spaces and help people relate to the cultural and historical layers of a community. The ISU authors’ chapters focus on Moscow’s metro stations and community murals in Chicago.

  • Overnight road closures, lane restrictions planned for East Gateway Bridge project

    Construction crews are ready to connect the East Gateway Bridge over University Boulevard, which will require lane restrictions and overnight closures. The $10 million bridge project will provide a safe pedestrian route between Jack Trice Stadium and game-day parking areas east of the stadium.

  • Engineers develop cybersecurity tools to protect solar, wind power on the grid

    Iowa State engineers are leading a team developing cybersecurity systems that prevent, detect and mitigate attacks on renewable sources sending power to the grid. The U.S. Department of Energy is supporting the project with a $2 million grant.

  • Study shows how artificial light affects seasonal rhythms of plants in U.S. cities

    Allergy-suffering city dwellers, take note. A new study from Iowa State University scientists shows how artificial light in U.S. cities lengthens pollen season and impacts other seasonal processes in plants. 

  • New book aims to help people “get unstuck and be happier”

    Weaving psychological science with Buddhist philosophy and anecdotes, “Finding the Freedom to Get Unstuck and Be Happier” aims to help people break out of negative patterns, engage more fully with the present and trust that whatever comes next is truly workable.