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Tuesday, July 6 2010


Broadband expansion to benefit Iowa's public universities

Iowa State University and the University of Iowa will benefit from a $62.5 million ARRA grant supporting the United States Unified Community Anchor Network project. The project will increase network capacity and unlock huge research potential, says ISU Vice Provost for Information Technology and CIO Jim Davis.

"The planned improvements in speed effectively eliminate distance as a barrier to sharing expensive laboratory or computing equipment," Davis said. "For example, scientists could connect a virtual reality facility at one university to a supercomputer located elsewhere and share enormous amounts of data as though they were in the same laboratory."

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ISU architecture studio on a transformative journey to the Burning Man Festival

Adjunct assistant professor Samantha Krukowski (left) with architecture student Elizabeth Kief. Photo by Bob Elbert.

Haight Ashbury meets Mad Max at Disney World. That's one way to describe the Burning Man Festival, a radical and creative community of almost 50,000 that exists for one week every fall in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Perhaps the most surprising phenomenon at this year's festival (Aug. 30- Sept. 6) will be the 12 Iowa State University design students participating in Burning Man for college credit. Except for the occasional graduate student researcher or class studying the festival from afar, they are the first design students taking a course that requires them to create work for Burning Man since the festival's inception.

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Diane Debinski

Diane Debinski

Changing climate could alter meadows’ ecosystems, says ISU researcher

Iowa State University researcher Diane Debinski has been studying the meadows in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of the Rocky Mountains since 1992 and she believes changing climate could affect the diversity of plants and animals in the region.

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ISU psychology doctoral student Edward Swing (left) and Associate Professor Douglas Gentile (right) led the Pediatrics study.

ISU psychology doctoral student Edward Swing (left) and Associate Professor Douglas Gentile (right) led the Pediatrics study.

Iowa State study finds TV viewing, video game play contribute to kids’ attention problems

A study led by three Iowa State psychologists on both elementary school-aged and college-aged subjects found that youths who exceeded the two hours per day of screen time recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics were 1.5 to 2 times more likely to be above average in attention problems. The study will be published in the August issue of Pediatrics, which is now available online.

Iowa State students take their professor’s advice and start an Ames bioenergy company

Three recent Iowa State University graduates are building a startup company, Avello Bioenergy Inc., on technology they helped develop at Iowa State. The company's focus will be to produce bio-oils that can be used to replace petroleum-based materials in asphalt, can be processed into various renewable chemicals and can be used as renewable industrial fuels.

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Iowa State named 'Best Buy' in 2011 Fiske Guide to Colleges

Iowa State University is one of 21 public colleges and universities listed as "Best Buy" schools in the new "Fiske Guide to Colleges 2011." The Best Buy institutions "offer outstanding academics with relatively modest prices," according to the guide.

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Iowa State alumnus honored with namesake U.S. Navy ship

Iowa State University alumnus Howard Otto Lorenzen, known as the "Father of Electronic Warfare" for his breakthrough work at the Naval Research Laboratory, has been memorialized with the launch of a new U.S. Navy ship.

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