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Monday, June 24 2013

  • Cyclone Battalion leader and 21 cadets head for summer cultural missions abroad

    This summer, Iowa State's Cyclone Battalion is sending 26 cadets — more than any other battalion in the entire brigade — to the U.S. Army Cadet Command's Cultural Understanding and Language Program. Under the direction of the U.S. Department of State and at the invitation of about 40 partner nations,1,350 cadets have been selected for CULP. They will spend three weeks in another country doing everything from teaching children English to rebuilding roads to training with the nation's military. CULP cadets are selected from a competitive pool of thousands of applicants on order of merit based on grades, physical fitness tests and an essay.

  • Changing the way businesses defend against cyber attacks

    Hackers have attacked various organizations and corporations, accessing private documents and personal information. Still most organizations do not prioritize cybersecurity as a strategic competency. A group of Iowa State University researchers says it is time for that philosophy to change.

  • ISU president and development leaders thank governor and Legislature for supporting research park growth

    Iowa State President Steven Leath and central Iowa economic development leaders are grateful for a $12 million state appropriation that will help expand the Iowa State University Research Park. The appropriation will construct a new building to house offices that aid Iowa businesses.

  • Iowa State researchers charting health benefits of slowly digested starches

    Researchers at Iowa State University are mapping the potentially far-reaching health benefits of starches that take extra time to digest. The researchers are interested in starches that allow humans to continue drawing nutrients from food hours after it’s eaten.

  • Improving overall employee wellness could yield multiple benefits

    Controlling health care costs is crucial for Iowa manufacturers to remain competitive. That's why a team of Iowa State University researchers is working with three Iowa manufacturers to determine if investing in employee wellness programs will cut costs and improve productivity.

  • Team PrISUm hopes for Texas heat at this summer’s Formula Sun Grand Prix

    The Team PrISUm campus garage is a busy place this summer: Student-engineers are tweaking last year's solar race car for a track race this month and they're starting to build the racer that will compete in next summer's cross-country race. Team members are confident about the upcoming Formula Sun Grand Prix. Their car has a history of strong performances in the heat and nd they'll be racing at the Formula 1 race track in Austin, Texas.

  • Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research awards announced

    Four Iowa State research teams will receive up to $4.5 million over three years to pursue competitive grants to fund large-scale, multidisciplinary research efforts of national and international importance. The grants are part of the Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research, a program launched by President Steven Leath to support research efforts that could lead to major advances, discoveries and technologies. Three other projects received awards under a smaller, proof-of-concept category. These awards provide pursuit funds for emerging research areas that are more limited in scope or require proof of concept before investigators can pursue larger funding. Each project will receive up to $100,000 for one year.

  • Flood impact on mosquitoes unclear, according to Iowa State entomologist

    Recent flooding throughout the state might give mosquito populations a boost. But, then again, it might not. It’s difficult to predict how the rainy weather of recent weeks will impact mosquitoes, according to an Iowa State University entomologist.

  • ISU architecture professor's new book reveals the backstory of early Chicago skyscrapers

    Landmark Chicago skyscrapers like the Wrigley Building defined the city and inspired a nation during an era of prosperity and progress. In the years between Chicago's Great Fire of 1871 and the country's Great Depression, Chicago was an epicenter for architecture's modernization and urbanization. And it was a political hotbed of corruption, muckraking, unions and reform. Those worlds intersect in a new book by Thomas Leslie, Pickard Chilton Professor in Architecture at Iowa State University. "Chicago Skyscrapers, 1871-1934" weaves together the daily struggles, technical breakthroughs and negotiations that produced Chicago's magnificent buildings. 

  • Mental block: Iowa State professor discovers way to alter memory

    A series of studies conducted by an Iowa State University research team shows that it is possible to manipulate an existing memory simply by suggesting new or different information. The key is timing and recall of that memory, said Jason Chan, an assistant professor of psychology at Iowa State.

  • ISU’s Catt Center releases new report on municipal gender balance

    More women are now serving on municipal boards and commissions in Iowa due in part to the state’s gender balance law. The Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics at Iowa State University, in partnership with the Friends of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women, created the Gender Balance Project to track compliance at both the county and municipal level.

  • Jack Trice Stadium boasts the nation's best field

    The natural, green grass of Jack Trice Stadium has been named College Football Field of the Year by the Sports Turf Managers Association. Tim Van Loo, Athletics turf grounds manager, and a team of students work diligently to make Jack Trice Stadium's field look plush and gorgeous.

  • Iowa State professor uses statistical analysis to make sports projections

    With 24-hour sports networks and social media, there is no shortage of sports information and statistics for fans to access. But a desire for better analysis of those statistics led Gray Calhoun, an assistant professor of economics at Iowa State University, to create