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Tuesday, March 7 2017

Michael Newton

Newton tapped to lead ISU Police

Michael Newton will be Iowa State's next chief of police. Newton has served in the University of Wisconsin, Madison, police department since 1998. His appointment is effective April 3.

Rows of corn on an Iowa State University research farm, some of which suffer from nitrogen deficiency.

Iowa State University agronomists show nitrogen fertilizer feeds healthy soil in corn and soybean production

New Iowa State University research shows nitrogen fertilizer plays an essential role in maintaining soil carbon in corn and soybean fields. Adequate soil carbon is one of the most important metrics of soil health.

Gül Kremer

Iowa State engineers will contribute to new Manufacturing USA institute

Iowa State engineers are partners in a new, $140 million national manufacturing institute dedicated to finding ways to reuse materials and save energy. The Iowa State researchers are expected to work with Iowa companies on projects involving materials recycling and manufacturing processes.

Semi trucks and highway traffic

Access to big data would help trucking companies improve safety and productivity

The trucking industry loses billions of dollars and wastes millions of hours each year sitting idle in traffic. Helping drivers avoid congestion would increase productivity and improve safety, says a team of Iowa State University and industry researchers.

Yanhai Yin and members of his laboratory in an ISU greenhouse

Iowa State University researchers detail genetic mechanisms that govern growth and drought response in plants

New Iowa State University research outlines how the genetic pathways that govern growth and stress response in plants sometimes clash. The research could lead to better performing crop varieties.