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Friday, January 27 2017

  • Iowa State scientist receives grants to improve glacier-flow models, sea-level predictions

    Iowa State's Neal Iverson, who has studied glaciers in Iceland and Norway, is working with an international team on two projects that aim to build more realistic computer models of glacier flow. The researchers hope to understand how glaciers will speed up over the next century as the climate warms. They say that could help them predict how much glaciers will contribute to the rise of sea levels.

  • Iowa State students win Disney Imagineering design contest

    Iowa State's Cristina Diaz, Alexander Doppenberg and Joshua Kurnia have won first place in the 26th Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations Design Competition. The ISU team was among six selected as finalists in the competition, sponsored by Walt Disney Imagineering to find and nurture the next generation of "Imagineers."

  • Video game ratings work, if you use them

    Nearly every video game sold or downloaded comes with a rating that provides age-appropriate guidelines based on the game’s content. Critics have questioned the effectiveness of ratings, but new research from Iowa State University finds children spend less time playing violent video games when their parents use the rating system to guide purchases and set rules for video game play.

  • Patagonia exec Rick Ridgeway will speak at Iowa State Feb. 2

    Rick Ridgeway — environmentalist, mountaineer, writer, filmmaker and vice president of Patagonia — will present the Murray Bacon Center for Business Ethics Lecture at Iowa State on Thursday, Feb. 2. "Good for Business, Good for the Planet" will be at 8 p.m. in the Memorial Union Great Hall. A reception will immediately follow this free, public lecture.

  • To improve health and exercise more, get a gym membership, Iowa State study suggests

    If your New Year’s resolution was to exercise more in 2017, chances are you’ve already given up or you’re on the verge of doing so. To reach your goal, you may want to consider joining a gym, based on the results of a new study from a team of Iowa State University researchers.

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates will speak about race in America on Jan. 30

    Noted journalist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates will present Iowa State's Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Series Keynote, "A Deeper Black: Race in America," at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 30, in the Memorial Union Great Hall. His lecture is free and open to the public.

  • MOCA boosts student retention and success at Iowa State

    The primary goal of the Mathematicians of Color Alliance, better known as MOCA, is to recruit and retain underrepresented graduate students. But this student organization is doing much more to mentor and help students make Iowa State home. 

  • Iowa State celebrates grand opening of its newest student residence, Geoffroy Hall

    Iowa State University President Emeritus Gregory L. Geoffroy returned to campus Jan. 18 to join students, university officials and community members in celebrating the grand opening of his namesake building and ISU’s newest student residence, Geoffroy Hall.

  • Unseen role of the first lady is why the position remains important today, says ISU professor

    First ladies are often defined by the causes they champion, but they also play a vital role the public rarely sees, says Stacy Cordery, an expert on first families and a professor of history at Iowa State University. That behind-the-scenes role is why Cordery says the position is still important.

  • Offenders’ deadly thoughts may hold answer to reducing crime

    It's something many of us may say in anger, but don't really mean. However, for a small percentage of the population homicidal thoughts are very real. Matt DeLisi, an Iowa State University professor of sociology and criminal justice, says identifying criminal offenders with homicidal ideation could change how we sentence and treat some of the most serious offenders.

  • Iowa State University to launch new effort to mentor underrepresented students in toxicology

    A new collaboration involving Iowa State University, Tuskegee University and the Ohio State University seeks to mentor undergraduate students from underrepresented populations with an interest in toxicology. The program launches with a three-day event at Iowa State.

  • Changing urban population density will impact future building energy use, according to ISU researchers

    Changing population densities across the globe will impact world energy efficiency, according to a new study published by an international team that includes two Iowa State University scientists.

  • Iowa State engineer helps journal highlight how pyrolysis can advance the bioeconomy

    Iowa State's Robert C. Brown is a guest editor of the current issue of the journal Energy Technology. The special issue features 20 scientific papers about Brown's specialty: using pyrolysis technologies to convert biomass into fuels, chemicals and fertilizers. The special issue is all about an "improved understanding of the fundamental chemical, physical, and catalytic processes underlying pyrolysis technology.”

  • Event series will honor Martin Luther King Jr.

    Through the end of January, Iowa State and the Ames community will observe the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday (Monday, Jan. 16) with a series of free, public events honoring the life of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and civil rights activist. University offices will be closed on Monday for the holiday.

  • Iowa State University 2016 surveillance: No Zika-associated mosquitoes found in state

    Mosquito surveillance efforts led by Iowa State University in 2016 found neither of the two species associated with the transmission of Zika virus. West Nile virus appeared more frequently in 2016 than it did in 2015.

  • Iowa State leads move to establish an alliance that builds statewide cybersecurity, literacy

    Iowa State University cybersecurity experts are leading a statewide effort to establish the Iowa Cyber Alliance. The alliance is all about bringing partners together to provide cybersecurity education, outreach and training across the state.